Other Accommodations

Here are some other accommodations that are available to qualified UWF students.

Other reasonable accommodations available to qualified students may include:

  • Scribes: Scribes are available for testing. They will write down verbatim what is dictated to them.
  • Readers: Readers are available to assis with reading exams.
  • Enlarged text: Exams and class materials can be enlarged to accommodate specific vision impairment.
  • Preferential seating: Preferential seating is available for qualified students with hearing impairment or psychological disorders.
  • Use of digital/tape recorder: Use of a digital/tape recorder is available for qualified students who need to record lectures to review at a later time.

For additional information about specific accommodations, please contact the SAR at (850) 474-2387.

To request this page or any information referenced on the page in an alternative format, please email sar@uwf.edu.