Notetaking Support

This page contains all the information you need in order to submit a request for Notetaking Support to the Student Accessibility Resources.

Notetaking Support Guidelines

The barriers to taking notes can vary based on different disabilities which is why there should also be a variety of accommodations to fit the needs of the student.

Notetaking Options:

Permission to audio record lecture

  • Most students are able to physically take notes, but may miss important key information due to attention or processing delays. By providing an accommodation of allowing the student to record lectures, they can supplement the notes they take in class.
  • Our staff can provide recommendations for Notetaking apps or students can check out a LiveScribe Smartpen each semester.

Why Smartpens?

  • Pens can audio record lectures and synchronize with the written notes!
  • Research indicates students learn more efficiently by taking their own notes!
  • Provides students a way to take an interactive approach to learning!

 Smartpen writing on a paper tablet and information transferring to a computer.

Permission to use a laptop for notetaking

  • Some students prefer to type notes vs. handwriting and may need permission to use their laptop or tablet in class for notetaking purposes.

Notes provided by a SAR student staff notetaker

  • In some circumstances, a student staff notetaker can be assigned to a student to provide a copy of notes.  Typically, this accommodation is only assigned if other notetaking options are not possible.

Notes provided by a professional notetaker

  • Notetaking Express (NTE) is a virtual notetaking service that provides notes from audio files. Students upload their recordings to the NTE website using their preferred electronic device and a professional notetaker provides typed notes within 24 hours. Students receive a notification when their notes are ready for view.  
  • Students must respond to all SAR email correspondence regarding note taking support requests. Failure to respond can delay services.
  • Notes are for students' use only. They are not to be duplicated and distributed to others.
  • Students should NOT ask the note taker for additional services such as tutoring.
  • Students should notify SAR immediately if:
    • The student has recruited his/her own note taker.
    • The student has determined that note taking support is not needed for a particular course or if the student has withdrawn from a course for which notes were requested. Failure to notify SAR can result in suspension of your note taking support pending a meeting with the Director.
    • The student has not received notes in a reasonable amount of time.

Notetaking Support Procedure

  • Complete Enrollment Process with SAR
  • Once the accommodation has been approved, the student should attend class, review the syllabus, and meet with the instructor to determine if notetaking support is needed for the course. In certain cases notes may not be necessary when:
    • the class is online
    • notes are available online through e-learning
    • notes are provided by the instructors
  • If notetaking is required, the student must submit the Classroom Semester Accommodation Request Form. To access this form, login to MyUWF and search for "Student Accessibility Resources Accommodate". This link will take you to the SAR Accommodate Student Portal, through which you can access the Classroom Semester Accommodation Request Form.
  • The student will also need to complete a confirmation form that will be sent via email before a notetaker will be assigned.
  • SAR will locate notetakers for classes indicated on the confirmation form. The amount of time to process each request will vary depending on the date of receipt of the form and availability of student staff notetakers.
  • The student must notify SAR at immediately if s/he recruits their own notetaker or if there's a change to their schedule.
  • Students must check the notetaker portal within Accommodate for notes once a request has been confirmed.  Students are expected to check notes at least weekly, failure to do so could result in suspension of your staff notetaker services.

IMPORTANT: Notetaking support is designed to supplement student learning. Having a notetaker does not relieve the student with a disability from the responsibility of attending class, actively participating, and taking notes to the best of their ability.  Notes are typically NOT provided for absences. Students will need to obtain notes from a peer in the event of excessive absences.

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