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Notetaking Support

Notetaking accommodations are provided to students who are registered with SAR and have been approved for this accommodation.

Notetaking Support Guidelines

The barriers to notetaking can vary based on different disabilities. Therefore, a variety of accommodations are necessary to fit the needs of the student. Our staff can provide recommendations for Notetaking apps or students can utilize one of the options below each semester.

Available Technology:

Image of computer

Glean Audio Notetaker

This cloud based software uses a form of technology that records audio from class lectures into your laptop, mobile app, or tablet. Accessible features include audio navigation, highlighting, added text, and the ability to import slides/images. Streamline features such as quick labels and speech bubbles make navigating your notes quick and easy.




Black LiveScribe smartpen

LiveScribe Smartpen

Why Smartpens?

  • These pens can audio record lectures and synchronize with the written notes.
  • Research indicates students learn more efficiently by taking their own notes.
  • Provides students with a way to take an interactive approach to learning!

Black digital voice recorder

Digital Voice Recorder

Portable, lightweight voice recorders are available that provide superior audio quality along with noise cancellation technology.

Student typing on silver laptop

Permission to Use Laptop for Notetaking

Some students prefer to type notes as opposed to taking notes by hand. Therefore, permission may be required to use their laptop or tablet in class for notetaking purposes.

Student seated at desk writing in a notebook with desktop computer facing them

Student Notetaker

In some circumstances, a student staff notetaker can be assigned to a student to provide a copy of notes.  Typically, this accommodation is only assigned if other notetaking options are not possible.

Blue logo with black capital letter N

Notetaking Express (NTE)

Notetaking Express (NTE) is a virtual notetaking service that provides notes from audio files. Students upload their recordings to the NTE website using their preferred electronic device and a professional notetaker provides typed notes within 24 hours. Students receive a notification when their notes are ready for view.


IMPORTANT: Notetaking support is designed to supplement student learning. Having a notetaker does not relieve the student with a disability from the responsibility of attending class, actively participating, and taking notes to the best of their ability.  Notes are typically NOT provided for absences. Students will need to obtain notes from a peer in the event of excessive absences.

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