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Audio Books

The Audio Books accommodation is provided to students who are registered with SAR and have been approved for this accommodation.

Stack of books with CD and headphones.

Steps to Requesting Audiobooks

Students requesting alternative text must be enrolled in the course for which the alternative text is being requested. Requests for alternative text must be submitted with each semester for each new class. It is recommended that requests be made at least 4-6 weeks prior to class start date. Late requests will be honored with the understanding that Student Accessibility Resources will attempt to complete the work in a timely fashion. Turn around times for alternative text requests are determined on a case-by-case basis.

In order to receive alternative text materials from SAR, the student must verify that the instructional materials have been purchased.

To secure your request for alternative text (e-text, braille, large print, audiobooks) you must complete the online Classroom Semester Accommodation Request Form. To access this form, login to MyUWF and search for "SAR Accommodate." This link will take you to the SAR Accommodate Student Portal, through which you can access the Classroom Semester Accommodation Request Form.

Steps to Receiving Audiobooks

  • Determine which books are needed for each course. This information can be determined by contacting your instructor or the campus bookstore. This should be done as soon as the student registers for the class.
  • Using the text information, check online to determine whether the text is in the national archive of recorded texts at Learning Ally. If the recorded text is available from Learning Ally, students with personal memberships can download the audio/digital recording directly.
  • Students who do not have a personal Learning Ally membership and would like SAR to assist with obtaining the material must:
    • Submit a Classroom Semester Accommodation Request Form including the text information: Author, Title, Edition, ISBN.
    • Submit a copy of the course syllabus to SAR with a list of required texts.
    • Submit receipt/proof that the text has been purchased.
  • If a textbook can't be found on audio, SAR can get the book in PDF format and the student can use these free text-to-speech websites to read aloud the text and save as an MP3.
  • If the student would like the books to be recorded by a staff member, the student should provide a copy of the textbook. Expect a 6-week turn around (minimum) to receive the recordings.
  • The student will be contacted once the book recording is completed.

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