UWF Racquetball Club

The purpose of the UWF Racquetball team is to help interested players who want to develop skills in playing racquetball, expand opportunities for new players to begin playing racquetball, and serve as a model of good sportsmanship in all racquet sports.


  • Social play
  • Light training
  • Intensive training and on-court strategy training for the competitive team
  • Travel to tournaments
  • Hosting tournaments
  • Players who are able to beat Coach Wickliffe in a best of three matches will receive a Head Sponsorship.

Competitive Team Purpose

The UWF Racquetball Team exists to bring a national championship to the University of West Florida. Our goal is to practice hard, have fun, and to develop the skills required to win tournaments. All team members must demonstrate a commitment to academics, fair play, and the spirit of the sport.

Team Foundation

Ladder Format

  • Players will compete within the club during challenge day.
  • Top eight players will earn spots to compete in tournaments.
UWF Racquetball Club
Practice Schedule
The Club is currently working on a Practice Plan for the Fall.

Morgan Peppers

Jerry Wickliffe
SEC Racquetball Chair
Lead and Penn Representative
2013 Olympic Racquetball Coach of the Year

Competitive Sports Graduate Assistant