Membership and Organization

Membership in a sport club is open to any fee-paying UWF student. Faculty and staff members may become involved in accordance with the Club’s constitution or as advisors/instructors.

Who can participate in Sport Clubs?

UWF Sport Clubs will promote the concept of equal opportunity and fairness; they may not restrict their membership on the basis of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, or disability. Reasonable ability and individual safety will be the guidelines for determining the extent of participation by club members with disabilities.

Only student members can hold officer positions, submit club paperwork, represent the Club at Sport Club Council (SCC) meetings, present to the Executive Board and/or be reimbursed for incurred expenses during club participation. All members must have completed an Informed Consent form (by registering on and joining his/her club’s team) and be in compliance with requirements in the constitution of the given club.

Basic Participation (i.e. practice, special event) for those who aren't fee-paying UWF students: guest members (non-students such as active alumni, interested community members, etc.) are also allowed to participate in a non-competitive atmosphere. These guest members must have a completed Informed Consent - Visiting Patron form and be in compliance with requirements in the constitution of the given club. Completed forms must be turned in immediately to the Competitive Sports Office.

Competition/Activity (i.e. game, performance, etc.) for those who aren't fee-paying UWF students: participation by any non-fee paying UWF student in a competitive atmosphere or activity must be approved by the Competitive Sports Office and may be prohibited. UWF Faculty/Staff may compete for a club if it is permitted by the club’s constitution and governing body. Faculty/Staff are responsible for paying individual expenses associated with competition and travel. 

Try-outs/Cut Policy

Clubs that receive an annual budget from Recreation are prohibited from cutting interested students. Only clubs that are completely self-sufficient are able to cut members. It is suggested that clubs wishing to hold tryouts form multiple divisions within their clubs (i.e. A and B squads, practice and competitive teams, etc.).


The success of sport clubs is dependent on the dedication of several members. For this reason, it is highly recommended that each club have several officers so that the president is not responsible for all club responsibilities. Each club is required to have a president and an SCC representative (the SCC representative can also serve as another officer). Other officers recommended are vice president, treasurer, and secretary.

Officer Requirements:

  • All officers must be student members.  
  • All officers must ensure that at least one member who is certified in First-Aid/CPR is at all club events.
  • All officers must complete and abide by the Officer Contract.
  • All officers must carry a 2.5 GPA for the length of their term.

The following are suggested responsibilities that each club may wish to divide amongst the officers. This list is not exhaustive and some areas may not be relevant to every club.

  • Administrative
    • Represent the club as the SCC Representative at every SCC monthly meeting.
    • Maintain club social media.
    • Serve as the primary contact.
    • Keep records.
  • Safety
    • Be first aid and CPR certified and record all other club members who hold certifications.
    • Have each participant complete an Informed Consent form (by registering on and joining his/her club’s team) before participating
    • Return all completed informed consents to Competitive Sports office
  • Financial (these will vary depending on each club’s financing needs; see Financing section in the Sport Club Handbook)
    • Serve as the signer on club’s outside bank account.
    • Collect dues from club members.
    • Keep records of all club accounts and budget-related transactions.
    • Organize/give the club’s presentation to the Executive Board for an annual budget.
  • Travel
    • Organize details of upcoming travel opportunities with the entire club.
    • Submit a Travel Request form to the Competitive Sports office at least five business days prior to the date of any travel.
    • Keep the Competitive Sports office updated on travel plans and changes prior to travel.
    • Submit Travel Follow-Up form and any necessary receipts or change to the Competitive Sports office after the trip return.

For more information about sport club membership and organization including officers, advisors, coaches, instructors and other volunteers, please review the Sport Club Handbook.