A player ducking behind a barrier on the Paintball Course

Paintball Event Overview

Thank you for considering the UWF Climbing Center for your event. We’re excited to have you! Most participants find climbing to be a fun, learning experience as well as a natural team-builder, so we think you’ll enjoy your time. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your visit.

What to Wear

Paintball is an all-body sport, so you should wear athletic clothing that provides a full range of motion. You’ll need to wear closed-toed shoes, as there will be a lot of running and moving around. Long-sleeve shirts and long pants are encouraged but not required.

What Not to Wear

Anything you don’t want to be scratched, dented or dropped should be removed. Jewelry, such as dangling necklaces, earrings or rings, can get caught and cause injury. Other hazardous accessories we recommend removing include watches, glasses, and scarves.

What to Expect

Assuming you’re coming for our recommended two-hour program, you’ll start with about 5 minutes of introductions and administration of participant waivers. Next, you'll have a 5-minute safety briefing followed by a 5-minute briefing on the proper use of paintball markers and then a 5-minute introductory strategy and technique lessons. Finally, you will take this information and, with staff help, spend 100 minutes playing paintball. Most will leave both tired and exhilarated!

Common Misconceptions

  • My clothes will get ruined. There are two types of paintballs: paint-filled balls that burst on impact and reusable aerodynamic rubber pellets (reballs). We use reballs to protect participants’ clothing as well as our own equipment.
  • Being hit by a paintball is extremely painful. There are two types of paintball markers: markers that utilize compressed air and markers that are spring-loaded. Outdoor Adventures predominantly uses the spring-loaded kind. Using these markers significantly lessens the velocity of the paintballs and helps make gameplay beginner-friendly.

Paintball Event Overview

Special Event Pricing

  • $220 (up to 15 participants)
  • Includes
    • 2 hours of facility access
    • Instructors
    • All necessary equipment (Bunkers, Markers, and safety equipment)
      • Unlimited reballs (reusable rubber balls)
    • Setup & tear down
  • $50 for each additional 10 participants, $60 for each additional hour

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