A group of students lifting one student through a ropes challenge course setup; the goal was to get students though spaces in the rope arrangement without their bodies touching the rope.

Challenge Course Event Overview

Thank you for considering the Challenge Course for your event. We’re excited to have you! Most participants find the Challenge Course to be a fun learning experience as well as a natural team-builder exercise, so we think you’ll enjoy your time. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your visit.

What to Wear

Participants must wear closed-toed shoes. The Challenge Course building involves mild activity, so you should wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for a full range of body positions.

What Not to Wear

Anything you don’t want to be scratched, dented or dropped should be removed. Jewelry, such as dangling necklaces, earrings or rings, can get caught and cause injury. Other hazardous accessories we recommend removing include watches, glasses, and scarves.

What to Expect

We'll start with some "warm-up" games or activities that get your creativity, playful spirit and activity level up. Some games will also help you learn new things about your peers, such as hobbies, favorite foods and childhood experiences. Then, we'll move onto the low ropes course, working with the team to complete each element, though completion of each element is not often our main objective.

Facilitators will provide specific instructions for managing the risks of each activity. An activity may also be suspended at the discretion of the facilitator if safety becomes a concern.

Common Misconceptions

  • I'm not strong enough to participate. Though some level of strength may be needed for individuals to complete some of our elements, working as a team or unit allows participants to combine strengths and overcome challenges that one person may not be able to succeed at alone.
  • I’ll be forced to participate beyond my limits. We will not pressure you to do something you don’t want to do. We follow a philosophy of Challenge by Choice, which means it is up the individual to choose the level of challenge they accept.

Special Event Pricing

  • Facility Rental - $60 per hour
  • Lead Facilitator - $50 per hour
  • Assistant Facilitator - $20 per hour/per facilitator
  • Set-up Fee - price will vary

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