Student on the UWF Rock Climbing Wall

Birthday Party Overview

Thank you for considering the UWF Climbing Center for your birthday party. We’re excited to have you! Most participants find climbing to be a fun, challenging and learning experience, so we think you’ll enjoy your time. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your visit.

What to Wear

Climbing is an all-body sport, so participants should wear athletic clothing providing a full range of motion. Pants are preferable to deter scraping legs on the walls. You need to wear closed-toed shoes.

What Not to Wear

Anything you don’t want to be scratched, dented, or dropped should be kept off the walls, including watches and loose-fitting glasses. Jewelry such as dangling necklaces and earrings or rings can hook onto climbing holds and cause injury, so should likewise be kept off the walls.

What to Expect

We’ll meet you in the HLS Facility lobby, where we will finish up paperwork and stash any food and presents. We all then head down to the Climbing Center, where kids get a brief Climbing 101 introduction to the basics of climbing. With a little instruction and encouragement, kids will take turns climbing up the wall, climbing just off the ground, and helping catch their friends. Parents are encouraged to assist and climb as well. We take a break in the middle of the event for whatever snack, lunch, cake and/or presents you provide. Then it’s back to the wall. Most will leave both tired and exhilarated! You are welcome to schedule events anytime the Recreation Facility is open and outside of normal Open Climb hours. Saturday events can be scheduled during one of two time slots, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. or 2 p.m.-5 p.m. 

Common Misconceptions

  • Climbing ropes won't support my weight. Climbing ropes look small, but they are designed specifically for climbing and can hold several thousand pounds.
  • I can’t climb because I’m afraid of heights. Fear of heights is normal. Facing that fear is very rewarding for most climbers, and you don’t have to go to the top.
  • You have to be in excellent shape to climb. Climbing is mentally and physically challenging, but we have wall sections and routes suited to all abilities.

Birthday Event Pricing

  • $220 (up to 10 participants)
  • Includes
    • 2 hours of facility access
    • Instructors
    • All necessary Climbing equipment 
    • Setup & tear down
  • $50 for every 5 additional participants, $60 for each additional hour

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