Intramural Sports Handbook

Intramural Sports is a part of Recreation's Competitive Sports office. It is the responsibility of each Intramural Sports captain and participant to be aware and in full understanding of the Intramural Sports policies and procedures outlined below.

Table of Contents

S1. Mission and Values

S1.a1. Intramural Sports' Mission Statement

The mission of the University of West Florida Intramural Sports is to provide students, faculty, and staff of the University of West Florida with the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive recreational sports in a safe environment; to promote and provide quality service, facilities, and equipment; to facilitate the opportunity for enjoyable experiences; to nurture and celebrate the wholesome and worthwhile use of leisure, healthy lifestyles, and wellness; and to create opportunities for the growth and development of all participants.

S1.a2. Recreation's Mission Statement

Recreation’s role is to advance UWF’s mission, vision, and priorities by providing diverse learning and developmental opportunities through experiences emphasizing life-long wellness.

S1.a3. Departmental Values
  • Caring: treating students as individuals who matter; extending oneself in support of the celebration of another.
  • Collaboration: a sense of connectedness to the division and university through working with others for the common good; involving constituents and stakeholders in decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Inclusion: embracing and respecting the diversity inherent in all people and creating an environment where all students can live, learn and lead meaningful lives regardless of who they are.
  • Integrity: adherence to professional ethics and/or personal principles that make one's behavior, character and actions beyond reproach.

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Section 2: Eligibility

The Competitive Sports staff will be responsible for the investigation of eligibility of all participants.  

S2.a1. Enrollment

All fee-paying students (currently enrolled at UWF), faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports. As of April 2019, ESL (English as a Second Language) students who are currently enrolled at UWF have been approved by SGA to participate in Intramural Sports.

S2.a2. Identification

A Nautilus Card or form of government-issued photo ID will be required to check-in for each contest participated in. Anyone who is on a team roster, but does not check-in with a Competitive Sports supervisor before playing an intramural sport will receive an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Failure to be on the team roster and playing without checking in with the supervisor will result in the participant being ejected and the game forfeited.

S2.a3. Number of Teams

A player can only play on one single sex team and one co-rec team per sport. For example, individuals may play with a men’s team and a co-rec team or a women’s team and co-rec team. Once a player has signed in with a Competitive Sports supervisor for a team, they are on that team for the rest of the season. The exception to this rule is the case of a team forfeiting/defaulting three of its games and being dropped from league play. The Competitive Sports office must approve the transfer of players to another roster before participation. Cases will be reviewed on an individual basis.

S2.a4. Captain’s Responsibility

Captains are to ensure that all participants on his/her team are eligible players. Any team that allows an ineligible player to play will forfeit each game in which the ineligible player participates.

S2.a5. Assumed Name

Any team playing with a player under an assumed (ficticious) name will forfeit that game. The player involved will be ejected and ineligible to compete in the remainder of the sport and/or tournament.

S2a6. Rosters

All players must be entered on the team roster prior to participation. It is the responsibility of the participant to make sure he/she sign in with the Competitive Sports supervisor on duty before each game played. The captain must have his/her finalized roster prior to the last game of the regular season in a team sport. No changes can be made to the roster after this point. All rosters are limited. To find out a sport's max roster limit, please refer to the sport's specific rules.

S2.a7. Collegiate/Professional Athletes

Students whose names appear on an official intercollegiate varsity roster will be ineligible to compete in that related sport for a period of one calendar year. Professional athletes are banned from their related sport for a period of three calendar years.

S2.a8. Sports Club Athletes

In the event that UWF has an active Sport Club for a sport that is also offered by the Intramural Sports program, no more than 3 Sport Club members may be on an Intramural Sports roster.

S2.a9. Assumption of Risk

All participants are required to fill out an Assumption of Risk form prior to any activity. IMLeagues will automatically pull up this form for you to sign once you begin to join teams.

S2.a10. Alumni

Alumni may not participate in Intramural Sports.

S2.a11. Extramural Events

All students that represent the University of West Florida at extramural activities must be enrolled in a minimum of three credit hours. Meet with the Competitive Sports graduate assistants for more information about extramural events.

S2.a12. Illegal Participation

Failure to comply with any of these policies will result in forfeiture of all games in which the illegal participation occurred.

S2.a13. Suspended Eligibility

A player disqualified from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct must leave the area/complex immediately and will be declared ineligible for play in any Intramural Sports until he/she submits a letter requesting reinstatement and meets with the Competitive Sports staff. Please send a written request for reinstatement to and address it to Mrs. Jessica Coleman. See S10.a2. Sportsmanship for more information on suspensions and offenses.

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S3. Captain's Responsibilities

S3.a1. The Captain

Teams must delegate a captain who will be in charge of the administration of their Intramural Sports team.

S3.a2. Responsibilities

S3.a2.1. Attend all meetings pertaining to his/her team’s sport. Teams who do not attend the captain’s meeting are not eligible for playoffs. In a league with a waiting list, teams who do not attend the captain’s meeting may be replaced by a team on the waiting list whose captain is present at the captain’s meeting.  

S3.a2.2. Submit the appropriate team roster and ensure each participant has a waiver on file. When necessary, make roster changes and additions according to S2: Eligibility.

S3.a2.3. Notify team members of the date, location, time of the contest and schedule changes.

S3.a2.4. Be responsible for player eligibility, conduct and actions of players on his/her team.

S3.a2.5. Be knowledgeable of all playing rules governing the sport they are participating in.

S3.a2.6. Be knowledgeable of all policies and procedures. Captains must read and understand the Intramural Sports Policies and Procedures Handbook as it pertains to their team.

S3.a2.7. Game time is forfeit time if your team is not prepared. It is advised that captains have their team present and signed in with a Nautilus Card or government-issued photo ID at least 15 minutes before game time. Failure to have the minimum number of eligible players at game time will result in a forfeit.

S3.a2.8. Display good sportsmanship at all times.

S3.a2.9. Check and verify your team’s record and score at least once a week to ensure accuracy. If there is a discrepancy, please contact the Competitive Sports office immediately.

S3.a2.10. Regularly check the roster and schedule in IMLeagues to ensure that there are not any extra players. Unwanted players must be reported to the Competitive Sports office immediately. Unwanted players can only be removed if they have not played on the team by the date of the removal request.

S3.a2.11. Check your playoff schedule in IMLeagues and inform all team members of all game information.

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S4. Registration Procedure

To enter any activity, please follow these suggested guidelines.

S4.a1. Information

Information concerning all Intramural Sports activities is available on our Intramural Sports website or at You can also stop by the Competitive Sports office during 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Thursday, in Building 72, Room 282A, or by appointment on Fridays. To make a Friday appointment, please call 850.474.2539 or e-mail

S4.a2. Registration 

Each semester, participants may register for all Intramural Sports activities during the designated registration periods in the fall and spring semesters. You may reference the IM Sports Schedule or IMLeagues,, to acquire the dates of registration for all Intramural sports and activities. Be ready with your team contact information and a working knowledge of when your team is available to play. Invite your teammates to join your team through IMLeagues. Everyone is required to be listed on the IMLeagues roster before checking in for a contest. If the league/event is full, please register your team on the waiting list and come to the listed captain’s meetings for that event.

S4.a3. Free Agents

Individuals desiring to play in a team sport, but are not affiliated with a full team, may register as a free agent online at Team captains who are in need of players will be encouraged to draft players from the free agent list.

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S5. Participant Safety

S5.a1. Assumption of Risk

All participants are required to fill out an Assumption of Risk form prior to any activity. IMLeagues will automatically pull up this form for you to sign once you begin to join teams. Individuals are encouraged to have a physical examination as well as obtain adequate health and accident insurance prior to participation in recreational sports activities. The University of West Florida does not provide insurance coverage for participants. Individuals who participate in recreational sports will be doing so at their own risk. Participation in any recreational sports activity is completely voluntary. UWF is not responsible for any injury that may occur to individuals participating in any recreational sports activity.

If aspects of our programs hinder your full participation, reasonable accommodations can be arranged based on documented needs. You must first register with Student Accessibility Resources.

S5.a2. Head, Neck and Back Injuries

Any participant who sustains a head, neck or back injury while participating in Intramural Sports will be unable to play in all further Intramural Sports until they provide the Competitive Sports office with a certified medical personnel’s (M.D., D.O. or C.A.T.) release.

S5.a3. Blood Policy

If and when a Competitive Sports staff member observes that a player is bleeding, has an open wound or has blood on his or her uniform, the player will be instructed to leave the game. The injured player is not to return until the bleeding has stopped, the open wound is covered and the bloody uniform is changed.

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S6. Equipment, Clothes and Jewelry

S6.a1. Shoes

Shoes must be soft-soled soccer/football type cleats or cross-country, tennis or astro-turf shoes. Cleats must be made with nonabrasive rubber or rubber-type synthetic material, which does not chip or develop a cutting edge. Rubber cleats with a tipped metal material are legal.

S6.a2. Jewelry

No jewelry may be worn during any Intramural Sports. All participants are expected to remove all jewelry prior to the start of the contest. This is a safety rule and applies to any and all jewelry. No exceptions will be made for wedding bands, religious medals, and/or any jewelry that is intended to be permanent or not removable for any reason. Medical bracelets/necklaces are permitted and must be taped down.

S6.a3. Other Equipment

The use of headgear, shoulder pads, body pads, or any unyielding or dangerous equipment is prohibited. Players may wear a knit or stocking cap and use soft, pliable gloves if they desire. No baseball style caps allowed or bandannas which require a knot to tie on.

S6.a4. Shorts

Absolutely no shorts with pockets will be allowed for flag football. Participants will not be allowed to turn shorts with pockets inside out or tape pockets. No exceptions will be made as this is a safety issue. Events other than flag football will allow pocketed shorts.

S6.a5. Drones

Drones are prohibited from use during all intramural sport offerings. They create a safety issue and there are no exceptions.

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S7. Leagues

Leagues will be divided based upon gender. When possible (dependent upon the number of registrants), Intramural Sports will offer a Men’s, Women’s and Co-Rec League for each league and tournament sport. Leagues designated as “Open” will have no gender makeup requirements within the rules for that sport.

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S8. Defaults, Forfeits and Forfeit Charges

S8.a1. Defaults

Any team knowing in advance that they will be unable to play a regularly scheduled contest is provided the opportunity to default or not play in the contest. In order for the contest to be considered a default, the team captain must contact the Competitive Sports office, 850.474.2539, by noon on the day of the contest. Weekend requests must be made by 4 p.m. the preceding Friday. A sportsmanship rating of 3.5 will be assigned to teams who are defaulting a contest. A sportsmanship rating of 4.0 will be assigned to the opponent of the defaulting team.  

S8.a2. Forfeits

Game time is forfeit time. Getting checked-in is the responsibility of each individual. Participants must seek out Competitive Sports supervisors prior to game time to assure they are checked in. Any team failing to report to participate at the scheduled starting time shall forfeit to their opponent. If both teams fail to report to participate, each team shall be credited with a forfeit. This applies to special events as well. To receive a win by forfeit, a team must have at least the minimum number of players required to begin according to the rules of the sport present at the scheduled location and at the scheduled time, “ready to play.” A sportsmanship rating of 3.0 will be assigned to teams who are forfeiting a contest due to lack of participation. The opponent of a team forfeiting a contest will receive a 4.0.

S8.a2.1. Sportsmanship ratings for both teams are at the discretion of the Competitive Sports staff during games forfeited due to ejection/conduct.   

S8.a2.2. A total of 3 defaults and/or forfeits, in any combination, will result in that team getting dropped from the league.

S8.a3. Forfeit Charge

The Forfeit Charge is a charge that will be assessed to the captain of a registered team that forfeits a contest. The charge will be $20 for any forfeit. Teams that are not able to make a scheduled contest will have the option to “default” the match and avoid the Forfeit Charge. See S8.a1 for instructions on how to "default" a match.

S8.a3.1. Forfeit Charge Procedure:

1. The captain of a forfeiting team will be responsible for paying the forfeit charge.

2. A hold will be placed on the captain’s account for the forfeit.

3. The charge must be paid in the Cashier’s Office (Building 20E).

4. Once the charge is paid, the hold will be removed from the captain’s account.

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S9. Weather and Rescheduling

Rain-outs will be rescheduled at the discretion of the Competitive Sports graduate assistants. Cancellation or rescheduling decisions will not be made until 3 p.m. on the day of the tournament. In case of inclement weather, a notice will be sent out via IMLeagues to all participants for the evening. Participants may also call 850.474.2539 after 3 p.m. to find out about cancellations. Teams will be held responsible for obtaining cancellation information and relaying it to all of their team members. You can also check for cancellation updates.

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S10. Sportsmanship

S10.a1. Rating System

A sportsmanship rating system will be used to promote good sportsmanship with a winning attitude. Intramural Sports officials will rate teams after each league game on a five-point scale for sportsmanship. Teams earning less than a 3.5 average sportsmanship rating will not be allowed to participate in their league playoffs (regardless of the team’s win/loss record). 

S10.a1.1 Point Rating Breakdown

5= Outstanding sportsmanship and conduct. There is positive reinforcement between players and a good attitude towards opponents, the team captain controls players and spectators, no abusive language is directed at the officials and there is no interference to the gameplay caused by the captains, teams nor spectators.

4= Good sportsmanship and conduct. Each team begins each game at this level. This rating is seen as a normal game. The captain is mostly in control of the players and spectators, few questions are given concerning the officials’ decisions, no verbal or physical threats are given towards the officials nor the opponents.

3= Below average sportsmanship. A warning is issued. The captain keeps some control of the players and spectators, some form of abusive language or unsportsmanlike conduct is displayed. A team who earns a sportsmanship-related penalty (UC, Yellow Card, and Technical Foul) cannot earn higher than this level.

2= Poor sportsmanship. Several warnings and/or one ejection. The captain exhibits little control over the players and spectators. Unnecessary roughness is displayed. A team who earns an ejection cannot earn higher than this level.

1= Unbecoming of a UWF Student. Several ejections and/or stoppage of the game. The captain shows no control over the players. Three unsportsmanlike fouls by any team in one game leads to automatic forfeiture of the game. The captain must meet with the Competitive Sports staff before his/her team may play again.

S10.a2. Participant Conduct

A player disqualified from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct must leave the area/complex immediately and will be declared ineligible for play in any Intramural Sports activity until he/she has submitted a letter requesting reinstatement and has met with the Competitive Sports staff. Please send a written request for reinstatement to and address it to Mrs. Jessica Coleman. The player shall be suspended for no less than one game following the meeting. Failure to leave the area/complex may result in disqualification of the captain or forfeiture of the game. Any second occurrence of unsportsmanlike conduct by a team may result in that team being eliminated for the remainder of the season.

S10.a3. Offenses and Process

Players shall not commit acts of unsportsmanlike conduct. No player, coach, spectator nor team shall:

1. Use foul or derogatory language, threaten or verbally abuse any other participant or Intramural Sports employee before, during or after the game; this includes trash talking.

2. Participate in a game for which he/she is ineligible.

3. Argue or talk back to the game official. Only the captain may address the official and only if done so in a courteous manner.

4. Intentionally strike, push, trip or flagrantly foul another player.

5. Mistreat the facility, equipment or supplies of the University of West Florida.

Disciplinary cases will be decided by the Competitive Sports professional staff. Upon completion of a written request for reinstatement, participants will be required to meet with the Competitive Sports staff to discuss possible disciplinary actions. Please send a written request for reinstatement to and address it to the Competitive Sports assistant director, Mrs. Jessica Coleman.

S10.a4. Examples of Violations and Outcomes

All cases and consequences will be heard and decided on a case by case basis. The final decision is solely up to the discretion of the Competitive Sports assistant director and graduate assistants. These examples serve as a guideline to adjudication decisions:

Violation: Shoving, Striking, or physically abusing an official or supervisor.
Penalty: Automatic suspension from Intramural Sports activities for one full calendar year.
Note: This violation will also result in the abuser being reported to the Dean of Students office and could possibly lead to assault charges at the county courthouse. 

Violation: Ejection from a game due to a rule infraction.
Penalty: Possible suspension from their team’s next scheduled game and probation for the remainder of sport’s season.

Violation: Ejection from a game due to unsportsmanlike behavior.
Penalty: Automatic suspension from their team’s next scheduled game and probation for the remainder of sport’s season.

Violation: Ejections from a game due to fighting. (Individual)
Penalty: Automatic suspension from their team’s next two scheduled games and probation for the remainder of sport’s season.

Violation:  Sidelines emptying onto the playing field. (Teams)
Penalty: Automatic forfeit of the game by both teams and a mandatory meeting of the team captains with a Competitive Sports graduate assistant the following day.

Violation: Ejection or misconduct during or after the last game of the season in a sport.
Penalty: Possible suspension from all Intramural Sports activities during and including the violator's next sport season. 

Violation: Continuous evidence of unsportsmanlike conduct by individuals, teams, or organizations.
Penalty: Automatic suspension from Intramural Sports for the remainder of the semester and possibly next semester.

S10.a5. Appeal Process

Should a participant decide to appeal an initial decision, he/she may submit an appeal in writing and addressed to the associate director of Recreation:

Mr. Jeff Schmitt, Associate Director
11000 University Parkway, 72/281
Pensacola, FL 32514

An appeal may not be submitted via email.

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S11. Protests

S11.a1. What can be protested and how

Questions about an official’s judgment are not grounds for protest. If in the team captain’s opinion, an error was made, he/she must immediately notify the officials that he/she is protesting a rule interpretation, before the protest period has ended (consult individual sports rules for protest period). If the captain does not immediately notify the officials of his/her intent to protest, he/she waives all rights to protest on that call. In addition, a captain may protest an opposing player's eligibility in accordance with Section 2. If a protest is acknowledged, the officials will stop the game and record the game situation with the Competitive Sports supervisor present and if possible, a decision will be rendered on site.

S11.a2. How to file a Formal Protest

If a team member still believes that the ruling is incorrect, they may file a formal protest in the Competitive Sports office (Building 72, Room 282A) or online using the File a Formal Protest form. The formal protest must be filed by noon on the day immediately following the ruling. All properly submitted forms will be examined and the Competitive Sports professional staff will rule on the protest.

File a Formal Protest

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S12. Playoffs

Dependent on the number of teams registered, playoffs are separated into three different brackets: Men’s, Women’s and Co-Rec.

S12.a1. Eligibility-Format

Any team who has a player ejected during playoffs is immediately eliminated from the bracket. In the event both teams have players ejected, neither team will advance. In order to be eligible to participate in playoffs, your team must meet the following three requirements:

1. Have a representative attend the preseason captain’s meeting.

2. Have not obtained three or more forfeits and/or defaults during league play.

3. Have obtained an average sportsmanship rating of 3.5 during the regular season and maintain that throughout the playoffs. Should the average rating of the winning team of a playoff game drop below 3.5, no team will advance.

Playoff seeding will be determined based on regular season totals in the following order:

1. Win percentage
2. Cumulative sportsmanship rating
3. Points against
4. Points for

S12.a2. Brackets

All tournament brackets will be posted online at It is the team captain’s responsibility to be familiar with your team’s schedule. Each league playoff bracket will be a single elimination bracket with seeding based upon regular season play.

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S13. Awards

S13.a1. Shirts

All Intramural Sports champions will receive a prestigious, admired, highly respected and customized UWF Intramural Sports championship shirt. Only players listed on your roster at the end of the season will receive a Championship shirt

S13.a2. Hall of Fame

Individual Intramural Sports participants who throughout the academic year portray characteristics of leadership, sportsmanship, service and outstanding achievements are nominated by the Competitive Sports staff for the Intramural Sports Hall of Fame. At the conclusion of the academic year, the Competitive Sports staff will induct one female and one male into the Hall of Fame. Their names will then be engraved on a permanent plaque and be displayed on the wall outside the Competitive Sports office.

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S14. Game Rules

The rules in all intramural sports are based on the National Association rules with modifications, when appropriate, to make the activity safe and enjoyable for the players while attempting to maintain the identity of the game. The rules of each sport will be discussed at the captain’s meetings and are also available for download on the IM Sports Schedule page or on

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S.15 Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco

S15.a1. Alcohol and Drugs

The Intramural Sports playing areas are “no alcohol or drug” areas. If any of these substances are present, the contest will not be played and will be considered a forfeit. This policy includes spectators. The Competitive Sports supervisor and/or officials have the authority to make decisions regarding students who are not permitted to play.

S15.a2. Tobacco

Additionally, tobacco will not be permitted in any activity areas. This applies to both participants and spectators. A supervisor will ask you to leave the area if you are seen with any tobacco products within the playing areas.

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