A UWF sports official prepares to blow a whistle and throw the basketball in the air while the students around her prepare for the play to begin.

All-American Officials

An All-American Official is a title reserved for those officials achieving excellence in their sport. The listed names are members of the UWF community who have been recognized as All-American officials over the years.

The University of West Florida has a rich history producing quality officials, and we are very proud to recognize their accomplishments. The process for selecting All-American Officials involves being selected by NIRSA (National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association) to work the National Championships, then being selected as one of the top officials in the nation for that sport. These individuals have been recognized as the best of the best, receiving the highest Student Official award within collegiate recreation.

UWF All-American Officials
Jim Kay Flag Football 1979
Ray Guillory Flag Football 1994
Brian Davis Flag Football 1995
Tom Fazio Flag Football 1997
Steve Anderson Flag Football 1999, 2000
Jeremy Eickoff Flag Football 1999
Erica Halverson Flag Football 1999
Adam Pruett Flag Football 2001
Steve Anderson Basketball 2001
Steve Anderson Volleyball 2002
Sam Mayhew Basketball 2002, 2003
Daniel Judge Flag Football 2002
Nick Coleman Flag Football 2002, 2003
Dale Lewis Basketball 2003
Rene Rice Basketball 2003
Mike Prociuk Flag Football 2003
Sam Mayhew Flag Football 2003
Ken Granger Flag Football 2003, 2005
Matt Ruckman Flag Football 2004
Mike Collins Flag Football 2005
Matt Seibring Flag Football 2005
Wyatt Lee Flag Football 2008
Doug Abbruzzese Flag Football 2011
Paul Valentine Flag Football 2012