Fitness Assessment

Track how far you have come or to set a benchmark for your success. A fitness assessment includes all of the following components in approximately an hour session.

Blood Pressure: With our MicroFit software we measure how hard your heart is working in order to effectively pump blood through your body.

Weight: We measure your weight and with our MicroFit scale we are able to assess how much of your weight is water, fat, and protein. This along with body fat percentage enables us to determine your body composition.

Body Fat Percentage: Using a three site skinfold test, we are able to accurately determine your body fat percentage. Knowing what percent of your body is fat will allow you to set nutrition and fitness goals in order to get in a body fat range that is healthy for you.

Cardiovascular Endurance: Participating in a YMCA Bike test we are able to calculate your V02 max which will enable you to see how effectively your heart, and lungs are able to use oxygen. Assessing this will allow you to get the most out of every workout.

Muscular Endurance: By performing a pushup test, you will have 1 minute to complete as many pushups as you can. With this test we are able to see your muscular strength which will allow you to set goals on how to become stronger.

Flexibility: Using the sit and reach test, you will be able to see your flexibility and learn how to set goals to become more flexible in order to have long, lean muscles that allow you to move easier, workout better, and live healthier.

 Fitness assessments cost $20 and are performed by our nationally board certified personal trainers.


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Please note fitness assessments are for HLS Facility patrons only.