Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is an excellent tool to be used for relaxation, relieving stress and muscle tension, or assisting in rehabilitating an injury. All HLS Facility massage therapists are allied health care professionals licensed by the State of Florida.


Payment and Rates
30-minute massage $25
60-minute massage $40

Payment must be made before your massage with your massage therapist at the Customer Service desk.


Scheduling An Appointment

To schedule an appointment, call 850.474.2580. Appointments are made on an individual basis. All appointments must be pre-scheduled with the massage therapist.

Late: Individuals showing up late will have the remaining time of the appointment. However, an appointment is considered a no-show 10 minutes after the start time of the appointment if the massage therapist has not heard from the client.

Cancellations: All appointments must be canceled with 24 hours notice. Any no-show appointment will be charged a cancellation fee of $15.00.


Massage Styles

Our massage therapists are trained on advanced techniques that focus on full-body stress relief or site-specific injury prevention and recovery. If you are uncertain which style of treatment will be beneficial for you, please discuss your needs with your massage therapist when you arrive for your appointment.


New Client Information

If this is your first appointment with us, we ask you to arrive at least ten minutes before your appointment. This will allow time for the necessary paperwork.


First Massage Experience

If this is your first massage session, your massage therapist will explain the procedures, techniques, and expectations. We want you to be as comfortable as possible. Feel free to ask any questions to your therapists before you begin your session.


Gift Certificates

Massage Therapy makes a great gift! Surprise your friends, coworkers and family for their birthday, graduation, special occasions, achievements, and incentive prizes or just reward yourself! Gift certificates can be purchased for any specified amount and are available at the HLS Facility Customer Service Desk.