Students using exercise equipment in the gym

Healthy Argo

Become a Healthy Argo member by participating in any of the group fitness classes offered at UWF. Achieve your greatness by attaining each of the three levels of participation.

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Become the healthiest version of yourself through commitment and perseverance. By participating in purpose driven activity and empower yourself to find your fitness. 

Get Involved

Become a Healthy Argo member by participating in any of the Group Fitness classes offered at UWF. We offer a wide variety of group fitness classes for any type Argo. These classes are instructed by passionate and motivating individuals who aim to assist you in your healthy style goals and are happy to help you get started.

Achieve Your Greatness

  • Voyager - Participation in 25 Group Fitness classes
  • Hero - Participation in 50 Group Fitness classes
  • Legend - Participation in 75 Group Fitness classes

Prizes for each level change by semester.

Why You Should Join

Aside from the numerous reasons to exercise, group exercise offers a variety of benefits you may miss out on if you work out on your own. Benefits include:

  • Exposure to a social and fun environment
  • Safe and effectively designed workout
  • Consistent exercise schedule
  • Sense of accountability
  • No prior exercise knowledge or experience needed
  • Opportunity to learn more about fitness and health
  • Variety of exercise formats to explore and find what works best for you
  • Set time away from your phone and other screens
  • Clears the mind and improves neurological function
  • Helps to set reasonable goals within your workout
  • It’s fun!

Stop by a group fitness class to get started!