Additional Information for Parents

This page provides information on additional topics that are important to parents with children participating in the Argo Adventure Kids Camp.

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If medication of any type (over the counter or prescription) is required, it must be administered by the Recreation summer camp staff. An Individual Participant Release must be completed by the parent/guardian. Medical information will be listed on this form and must be returned to the summer camp staff by the first day of the camp session. All medication must be in its original container.

Accidents & Emergencies

In the case of an emergency or accident involving your child, you will be notified following notification of the appropriate emergency personnel. All members of the camp staff are certified in Adult & Child CPR, AED and First Aid and have also been trained in emergency procedures at camp locations.


If a camper become ill while at camp, parents and guardians will be notified. We do not have a registered nurse on staff. Therefore, we will ask you to make the decision whether to remove your camper(s) from the program for the day. We ask for your discretion on bringing your camper(s) to camp if he/she is ill.



Lunch begins around noon each day. Campers who opted out of the provided lunch should bring their lunches in small coolers (recommended), lunch boxes or lunch bags. Campers will not have access to a microwave or refrigerator. When packing a camper’s lunch please label with his/her name on the cooler/bag.

Campers that are receiving lunch supplied by the university will also have lunch around 12:15 p.m. in the Nautilus Market on UWF’s main campus. This will be a buffet style lunch and the menu will can be found on the Nautilus Market's website. In case of poor weather, a boxed lunch will be provided at the HLS Facility and campers will not walk over to the Nautilus Market.

Please help us in making sure your child has the energy needed to enjoy camp by making sure they eat a good breakfast and have a substantial lunch packed.


A small snack, such as fruit chews, cookies, chewy granola bars or pretzels, is provided mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Vending machines are not available to participants during Recreation's summer camps. We request that you refrain from sending money to camp with your child.

Food allergies need to be articulated on the Medical Information Form.

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Activities will vary each session based on available facilities and weather. A weekly schedule will be posted on the main Argo Adventure Kids Camp webpage by the Friday before each session begins. Each day an enrichment activity will be provided as well as many team-building activities. Throughout the week, Argo Adventure Kids Camp will offer specialty activities based on specific age groups and the weekly theme. Campers will enjoy opportunities to canoe, swim, explore nature trails and participate in specialty activities. Argo Adventure Kids Camp’s main goal is to provide a supportive and enjoyable environment where learning and fun can go hand in hand. Specific sport instruction is not a goal of the camp.


We request that campers leave all items of sentimental or monetary value at home (i.e., collector cards, hand held video games, sports equipment, money, etc.). Phones and other electronic devices are prohibited during camp activities. Inappropriate items brought to Argo Adventure Kids Camp will be confiscated, locked in the camp recreation office until check-out and requested not to be brought back.

Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Argo Adventure Kids Camp understands that there will be times when every camper has a difficult day. First and foremost, the camp staff desires to resolve any issues and conflicts between and among campers and keep all campers involved in all activities.

On occasion, it may be necessary to give the camper a chance to re-group away from the activity area and other campers. Should a camper still have difficulty in a situation, a parent or guardian will be notified by way of an incident report sent home with the camper and/or a phone call.

Should the conflicting behavior persist, escalate or show a level of severity, a parent or guardian will be contacted immediately and the incident(s) may result in suspension from the program. In some repeat situations, expulsion of a camper from Argo Adventure Kids Camp may result.

Argo Adventure Kids Camp is not a child care facility and does not have the staff for one-to-one supervision. Therefore, if there is a behavior incident that requires removal from the day’s activities and a parent or guardian is not available, an emergency contact will be asked to come pick up the camper.

Contact Information

Feel free to email camp staff at should any questions arise.

  • Emily Foertsch, 850-474-2539 (Camp Director)
  • Zach Kula, 850-474-2521 (Camp Director)
  • Michael Morgan, 850-474-2819 (Coordinator)
  • Jessica Coleman, 850-474-2486 (Assistant Director)

Follow this link to download the AAKC Camp Guide 2020 in PDF format.