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Honors Admissions

The Kugelman Honors Program admits high-achieving students interested in continuing their pursuit of excellence at the university level.

To complete the first portion of the application process, you will need to download ZeeMee, a free social media service for prospective college students. Visit ZeeMee to get started. If you already have a ZeeMee profile, simply add the requested video responses to your existing profile. You will submit a link to your ZeeMee profile when completing the Honors Application form.

Please record responses to the following questions on your ZeeMee profile. ZeeMee limits videos to 26 seconds, so you may need to rehearse your responses to get the timing right. 

  1. One of the characteristics that we look for in honors students is ambition, or the drive to succeed and be the best one can be. What drives you to succeed, and what issue(s) are you most passionate about?  Please be as specific as possible and provide examples.
  2. Balance is an important part of being a successful student and leader. How do you achieve balance in your life, and how might your definition of balance contribute to the UWF honors community?  Please be as specific as possible and provide examples. 

Optional ZeeMee Component: Create one or more photo albums highlighting your leadership, service, study abroad, or other extracurricular experiences, and include album descriptions to provide context.

Please write 300-400 word responses to the following questions. Copy and paste your responses into the Honors Application form.

  1. Honors provides experiences for students to develop as informed citizen-leaders. Through coursework and service, honors students will confront and discuss complex and difficult issues that include everything from climate change to immigration. If you've addressed complex or controversial issues in a scholarly setting, please describe that experience; if you have not, please provide an example to help us understand how you deal with difficult issues.
  2. Students in the Honors program take courses outside of their chosen majors. Indeed, one of the most important qualities we look for in an honors student is an interest in multiple fields of study. Please describe to us why you are a good fit for our program in this regard.

Please choose a single image to upload and share with the review committee. The image you choose should help the reviewers get to know you in some way that you have not already mentioned in your videos and written responses. It may be a photograph of an important object, a drawing, a snapshot, or any other image that you feel tells an important part of your story.

Please tell us about the image you have chosen and how it helps us get to know you. (150-200 words)

The final step in the Honors application process is to complete the Honors Application. You will be asked to include your ZeeMee profile link, essay responses, and chosen image, so be sure to have those items ready. 

We will accept applications until May 1, 2024, for first-year students beginning at UWF in Fall 2024.

Students will receive an admissions decision within 30 days of applying.

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