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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our frequently asked questions below. Click on the corresponding arrow to find the answer. Call our office at 850-474-2463 or email us at if you have any additional questions.

No. UWF does not have an on-campus residency requirement. Though we would love to have you live with us!

The Housing Contract is a two semester contract (Fall and Spring) or one semester (Spring Only). We do not offer “Fall Only” housing. Residents who move in beginning in the Fall Semester are held to the contract for both semesters unless they graduate or are otherwise not enrolled for Spring. Spring Only Contracts are available

Students are encouraged to apply as soon as they have been admitted to get the best rooms on campus. Assignments are done in the order contracts are received.  The Fall 2022/Spring 2023 Contract is available Janaury 5th and the Summer 2022 Contract is available March 1st.

Yes. There is a space on the Housing Contract for applicants to make specific roommate requests. All roommate requests must be mutual and listed by all requested roommates. We do our best to honor those requests if space exists.

Returning residents will be given the opportunity to pick their own rooms during online room selection the week after Spring Break if they have submitted a contract. Students can go online to Housing Contracts & Services to pick their room from our assignments map system.  New students will be assigned rooms starting in April based on specific Living-Learning or Themed Communities, housing preferences, and roommate requests.  These residents are assigned their room in order their contract was submitted. Please remember that you are not guaranteed to be assigned the room type(s) you request but we will make every effort to accommodate your request.  

Room assignments and roommate information can be found on on the Housing Contracts and Services page. As rooms are assigned and roommates added, you will receive an email to your UWF email account.

Students are permitted to have fish in aquariums less than 10 gallons. Other kinds of pets are not permitted. 

Fall move-in begins in August 18th, Spring move in starts in January, and Summer term residents check in throughout the semester. Please refer to our calendar or call the Housing Central Office at 850-474-2463 for more detailed information.

Housing rent and other fees are due on or before the established UWF “Fee Payment Deadline” each semester (Tuition, Housing and Meal Plan are due by the same date as determined by the University).  Housing fees/rent are eligible for the University Payment Plan.

Students may request room changes each semester 10 business days after the start of the semester. This period is called Open Room Change. During that time, residents may request to change rooms without reason. After Open Room Change ends, subsequent room change requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Room changes will not be approved for roommates who have not attempted to mediate their differences. Room changes are processed on a first-come first-served basis and their approval is not guaranteed. 

Yes, minor decorating is allowed. Residents may not use any prohibited items or anything which may damage the room, walls or furniture. Painting, construction projects or furniture removal is not allowed. Please keep in mind that a Room Condition Report (RCR) is filled out each time a resident moves into or out of a room. This is to ensure the room is kept clean and serviceable. When residents move out, they will be charged for any damage which is not documented on their RCR.

UWF residence halls and the apartments remain open during Thanksgiving, Spring Break, and all other holidays during the academic year. Please be aware that there may be reduced services during these times. There is a break housing fee to live in your room during the break periods between semesters.

No. As noted in the Housing Contract, UWF is not responsible for insuring residents' belongings. Residents are also encouraged to check with their parents/guardians to see if their insurance provides coverage or they may contract for private renters insurance.

In the event of a hurricane, the University may close, and all on-campus resident students and guests (this includes camp and conference attendees) will need to evacuate University Housing if determined necessary by the President of the University of West Florida. For severe weather situations residents must follow instruction of University of West Florida Staff.

A limited number of spaces are designed, or can be modified, to accommodate students with physical disabilities. The specified nature of your disability should be identified so we can work with you and try best to meet your needs and make your assignment. You are required to contact UWF’s Student Accessibility Resources to start this process.

Residents may want to bring decorations, toiletries, linens, cleaning supplies, a lamp, some basic food prep items and other things to make the room your own. Please see our " What to Bring List" for more ideas of items that are good to have on campus.