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Value Comparison

Living on campus means you’ll live like no one else, with conveniences and benefits you won’t find anywhere else. Learn about the amenities offered through ArgoLife below.

Amenities Available On Campus Versus Off Campus
AmenityArgoLife - On-Campus ResidenceOff-Campus Residence
Able to Apply Institutional Scholarship Dollars? Yes, UWF scholarship money can be used to cover room and meals. No, UWF scholarship money cannot be used to cover off-campus rent or food.
Deposit UWF Housing deposit goes toward balance owed. No extra deposit needed. Deposit required and is an additional cost.
Security University Police on premises that conduct regular security checks various times each day, escort service and 24/7 On-Call Support. Minimal. No police on premises, no escort service.
Neighbors Only UWF students live in on-campus housing facilities. Mixture of students and non-student community members.
Parking Designated Residential Priority Parking on campus - easy, quick walk to class - hit snooze, wake up later. Must purchase a commuter parking pass and possibly a parking pass for your off-campus living facility. Finding parking and a longer walk to class means you have to wake up earlier.
Trolley Service Yes, from residence halls to various stops across campus. No trolley service from apartments to campus.
Learning Communities Living Learning and Themed Communities. NONE
Inclement Weather and Hurricanes UWF was designated as a StormReady University by the National Weather Service in 2015.

UWF has trained staff and serves as a shelter facility where all residential students are housed during inclement weather.
No designation as StormReady.

Residents are responsible for finding appropriate shelter and resources during inclement weather.
Maintenance Requests Quick responses to maintenance, same day turnaround. 2-3 day turnaround on maintenance requests.
Flexible Contract Terms Flexibility with room changes.

Flexibility to change housing options and consideration to get out of contract for extenuating circumstances for approved academic withdrawals, medical withdrawals, study abroad and academic internships.
No room changes.

LOCKED into term of lease agreement. Most lease agreements are typically 12 months.

Students have to find somoone to sublease in the event that the student needs to vacate the residence.
Programming Variety of residential programming geared around academic student success and personal and social development. Limited programming, typically not academically focused.
Location Close proximity to library, recreation center and other campus amenities. Further drive or walk to on-campus facilities. No public transportation or trolley service available.
Dining Options Dining options centralized to campus. Variety of meal plan options. No dining option on premises.