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Incoming Freshman Rental Rates

When you live on campus, you don’t have to spend time adding up bills each month. Plus, you can use your scholarship dollars toward housing and meal plan costs. With everything on one bill, the only thing you have to worry about is making your splash.

Rates for Each Freshman Community Option
Freshman Community OptionsSemester Rate*Room Plus Meal Plan ($1970)**Estimated Semester Cost
Martin, Pace Shared Suite (2 people) $2,900 $4,870 $2,830
Martin, Pace Private Suite (1 person) $3,190 $5,160 $3,120
Heritage, Presidents Shared Deluxe Suite (2 per bedroom, 4 per suite) $3,000 $4,970 $2,930
Heritage, Presidents Private Suite (1 per bedroom, 3 to 4 per suite) $3,290 $5,260 $3,220
*Admissions Merit Scholarships can only be applied to expenses incurred through UWF (such as room and board) and cannot be used toward off-campus living expenses. The meal plan includes 12 meals per week.
**Costs are estimated after average financial aid awards are subtracted. The average financial aid a Florida resident receives as a freshman at UWF is $2,000/semester toward room and board.