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Cost Comparison

UWF offers competitive rates compared to off-campus options, and everything is included in one bill. You can also use scholarship funds toward UWF Housing expenses, unlike off-campus options. Housing fees also qualify for the University Payment Plan which breaks costs down into monthly payments. When you dive into ArgoLife, the only thing you have to worry about is making your splash.

Costs On Campus Versus Off Campus
Cost UWF Suites Local Apartment Complexes
Estimated Monthly Food & Transportation $472.5* $500
Cable/ Internet Included & Unlimited $0-$30
Electricity Included & Unlimited $0-$30
Water/ Sewer Included & Unlimited $0-$30
Furniture Included Included
Security Included N/A
UWF Scholarship** Applied Toward Room and Food Costs? YES NO
Designated StormReady*** YES NO
Estimated Total Cost (Fall & Spring Semesters: 8 Months) $9,576 - $9,780 N/A
Estimated Total Cost (Fall, Spring, Summer Semesters: 11 Months) $13,167 - $13,448 N/A
Estimated Total Cost (12 Month Lease) N/A $13,020 - $14,640

Note: Costs are per person

* Argo 10 Meal Plan
** Scholarships awarded through admissions can only be used for costs that are charged through University billing and cannot be refunded or used for off-campus living expenses.
*** UWF can only provide shelter and amenities during inclement weather (hurricanes, etc.) to students that reside on campus.