Policies, Regulations, and FAQs

Policies and Regulations

Apogee End-User Agreement and Router Policy

These documents define some of the limitations of student activity on MyResNet. The consequences of violating this policy are also detailed in this policies. This EUA and Router policy seek to ensure that MyResNet is usable and available for academic purposes and that students are not abusing the network. 

Apogee End-User Agreement

Router Policy


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees associated with the use of MyResNet?

There are no fees for MyResNet services.

How do I use ArgoAir in my residence hall?

AgroAir is for use in the non-residential locations on the campus.  If you're at a residence hall you should be connecting to MyResNet or MyResnet Legacy.  If you need assistance connecting to AgroAir please refer to UWF ITS ArgoAir.

Are there resources I can use to keep my computer protected from viruses and spyware?

Apogee has provided links to a number of different Antivirus programs on your MyResNet dashboard.

Login into https://myresnet.com/ and check the bottom right of the screen to see a link to Antivirus software.

Can I have a web server or a router in my room?

Servers and routers are not allowed on the residential network. Routers may cause a disruption in the network and introduce unnecessary security risks for other students in the residence hall. For more information please see the Router Policy.