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Appeal of Housing Cancellation and Fees

Please allow at least 14 business days for a decision.

Please note: If you have a "HOLD" on your account due to any Housing fees, it is advisable to pay any past due amount so as not to be assessed late fees on Tuition. 
Fees can be paid by logging on to, searching for "cashnet" and accessing your student financial account. Housing fee holds will not be lifted prior to a decision being rendered. If your appeal is approved the amount of the charge will be credited to your student account.  


  • Please read your housing agreement terms and conditions or speak with the housing assignments staff before cancelling your agreement.
  • It is very important to notify UWF Housing promptly of your intent to cancel. Cancellation fees vary based on the date of notification. Read your agreement terms and conditions to see the cancellation fee schedule that applies to you.
  • You must submit a request for cancellation by using our online Housing Cancellation Form in the “Forms” section of the website. Submitting a cancellation request DOES NOT automatically cancel your contract.
  • Cancellation does not eliminate your responsibility for fees already charged (like late fees), or fees charged as a result of cancellation and move out (like rekey, damage or other fees).
  • Housing agreement termination reasons are listed in Section B, subsections 1, 2, and 3 of the housing agreement terms and conditions.
  • Only housing contracts and assignments staff are authorized to discuss the terms of a housing agreement.
  • Only written statements regarding your housing agreement are binding.

The cancellation or appeal basis must be an important change in a student’s personal, medical, or financial situation that has changed since signing your contract and does not allow compliance with the residency or contract requirements.  Such changes must be accompanied by substantial documentation including, but not limited to: tax records, court orders, a physician’s recommendation on letterhead, insurance claims, etc.  All supporting documentation is due no later than 3 business days before the committee meets.  It is the student’s responsibility to find out the next Housing Appeals Committee meeting date.  The Housing Appeals Committee will meet every two weeks during the semester.

Financial Need Release:

For students experiencing a significant or unforeseen financial burden.  Significant burden is typically determined using a student’s FAFSA information provided by the Office of Financial Aid to calculate the parent/legal guardian combined annual income and student out of pocket expenses as well as any other applicable financial information. **Releases are not based on the assertion that living off-campus may be cheaper.

Please Note:

  1. An approved cancellation will result in the appropriate fee based on the date of cancellation.
  2. A student and his/her parent/guardian must apply and accept all available financial aid.
  3. Obtaining another lease at another housing complex does not warrant a release from this contract. The Housing Contract will not be terminated for students to live off campus or commute.

Appeals Procedure

If a student wishes to appeal a cancellation request or assessment, an appeal may be initiated provided there is legitimate basis for the appeal. A general dissatisfaction with housing such as roommates, services provided, or a policy is not a basis for an appeal. Students who are wishing to appeal housing charges that are not related to cancellation should contact the housing staff member who initiated the charge (i.e. cleaning, improper check-out, keys, etc.). Housing agreement prepayments are not appealable.

An appeal may be submitted to the Housing Fee Appeals Committee. The Housing Fee Appeals Committee is appointed by the Director of Housing and Residence Life. The membership is comprised of university personnel, with a majority from outside the Department of Housing and Residence Life as well as student representation. The members meet regularly to review appeals.

Please note that once your account has been submitted to a non-university collection agency, you are no longer eligible to appeal your cancellation charge(s).

Requirements to submit an appeal:

  1. A student must have submitted a cancellation request to the Department of Housing and Residence Life.
  2. The appeal must be submitted through the online Housing Cancellation/Fees Appeals Form.
  3. Appeals and supporting documentation are due 3 days prior to the meeting date. Appeals submitted after the submission deadline will be bumped to the next meeting.
  4. Students do not attend the committee meetings.
  5. Students should submit the reason for the appeal. Supporting documentation is strongly encouraged and is required for appeals based on medical reasons. Supporting documentation from third party individuals are preferred over supporting documentation from friends, family members or individuals with an interest in the outcome.
  6. Medical documentation must appear on the provider's letterhead and include the signature of the provider. The medical provider should not simply tell the committee the student cannot or should not live on-campus. Information is needed as to why the student cannot live on-campus, and should include
    • date of onset of the condition
    • diagnosis of condition
    • prognosis – whether the condition can be treated
    • course of treatment
    • why the condition prevents the student from completing their housing agreement
    • discussion of why there are no other alternatives other than cancellation of the housing agreement that will address the condition
  7. Cancellation requests or assessments are not usually overturned for:
    • conflicts dealing with roommates, policy violations, and/or services provided. These concerns can be resolved by meeting with UWF Housing and Residence Life staff and requesting a room change or other assistance.
    • financial inconvenience or inability to pay. UWF Housing and Residence Life does not assume or bear the risk that students are unable, or become unable, to meet their financial obligations.
    • Moving off campus or commuting.  The Housing Contract will not be terminated in order for students to live off campus or commute.  A release will not be granted if another lease at another housing complex is obtained.
    • academic probation.

Students will receive written notification of the Committee's decision through the student’s UWF email after the meeting.

If a student wishes to re-appeal based on the outcome of the original appeal, the same process must be followed. The committee will only review re-appeals that bring new information forth that was not included in the original appeal.

If you wish to submit an appeal for contract cancellation, submit this form:

Appeal Contract Cancellation

If you wish to submit an appeal for housing charges/fees, submit this form:

Appeal Housing Charges

  • Contract Cancellation Fee
  • Improper Check Out
  • Lost/Replacement Key
  • Cleaning and/or Damages

We encourage Residents to visit the Housing Central Office, Building 19, and ask to speak to a Housing Staff Member. 

We are available to answer questions or provide clarification of the housing contract and appeals process.  Our staff are available Monday-Friday, 8a-5p or by e-mailing