Returning Resident Room Selection

Current residents can complete their contracts now and pick their rooms starting April 13th.

Step 1: Submit your Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 application through MyUWF

Step 2: Create your roommate group PIN in MyUWF if someone is pulling you in as a roommate. You do not need a PIN if you are selecting your own room. 

Step 3: Select your room. Use the Room Selection timeline to determine when you're eligible to select your room.

Room Selection Timeline
Room Selection Timeline


Selection Processes

April 2020  
All room selection processes start at 9am (Dates subject to change)


All student classifications choosing to return to your current room assignment (you can add a roommate as well).  Students no longer participating in their current LLC should select a new room assignment starting on the 15th. Note: The first two floors of Martin Hall will be ArgosFirst LLC rooms for new incoming Freshmen in Fall 2020 and not available to returning residents.


Returning to your same LLC but in a different room assignment (does not include ArgosFirst which is for Freshmen only)


General Room Selection: Grad Students, Seniors and Juniors.


General Room Selection: Sophomores and Returning Freshmen. 


General Room Selection: Anyone who has yet to choose a room assignment.


The Assignments team in Housing & Residence Life will begin assigning any students who did not participate in online room selection in the order the contracts were submitted according to the preferences on their housing contract.


Communities for Returning Residents

Some communities have changed for Fall 2020 - Spring 2021. Here is the most up to date for where returning residents can live during the next academic year. 

Argo Hall 

  • All classifications 
  • Private & Shared Occupancy
  • UWF MEN (Men's Empowerment Network) & PEARL (Professionally Empowered And Ready for Life) Communities - hallway 1B
  • Open housing (gender neutral/gender inclusive)  - by request

Pace Hall

  • All classifications
  • Private & Shared Occupancy
  • Kugelman Honors LLC
  • Open housing (gender neutral/gender inclusive)  - by request

Heritage Hall

  • Priority given to upperclassmen, but open to all classifications
  • Private and Shared Deluxe Suites
  • Open housing (gender neutral/gender inclusive)  - by request

Presidents Hall

  • All classifications
  • Private and Shared Deluxe Suites
  • Teach LLC - hallway 2A, 2nd floor
  • Upperclassmen, Transfer & International Students Community - hallways 1B & 3B, 1st & 3rd floors
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) LLC - 4th and 5th floors
  • Open housing (gender neutral/gender inclusive) - by request

Village East Apartments

  • Upperclassmen 
  • 2-bedroom and 4-bedroom apartments
  • Pet-friendly housing - designated apartments, 1st floor of building F only (pets must be approved)
  • Open housing (gender neutral/gender inclusive)  - by request

Village West Apartments

  • Upperclassmen
  • 2-bedroom and 4-bedroom apartments
  • Open housing (gender neutral/gender inclusive)  - by request
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Housing?

Open housing allows students of all gender identifications to reside in the same room, suite, or apartment. All residents within a room, suite, or apartment must agree to be in open housing. You will be able to select that you would like to live in open housing when you apply for housing. 


What are Living Learning Communities?

Living Learning Communities are on-campus communities that focus on student development or specific areas of study. In these communities, students are able to connect experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Each community has a variety of programs and support from staff and UWF faculty. Our LLCs include: Delphi (first year experience), Justice (Social Work, Legal Studies, Criminal Justice), Teach (students interested in teaching/education), STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math), and Kugelman Honors.


After I book a room how do I view my room assignment?

You may view your room assignment in MyUWF by searching for “Housing Contracts and Services.”


Why can’t I find my roommate in the roommate search box?

Be sure you are spelling your roommate’s name correctly. You must also use the MM/DD/YYYY format when entering your roommate’s birth date.


What is a roommate PIN?

A roommate PIN is a unique number that allows students to add other students as roommates. Roommates should decide who in the roommate group will be the roommate group leader. The group leader will collect the group members' names, birth dates, and roommate PINs in order to add them as roommates. 

To set your roommate PIN log into MyUWF, search for “Housing Contracts and Services,” click on “Room Selection,” and then click on “Update Your Roommate PIN.”


Room Selection Videos

Subscribe to the Housing and Residence Life YouTube channel for Room Selection and housing options videos.

Create Your Roommate PIN
Students need a roommate PIN only if they are being added to a room by another person. Students who choose to book their own room do not need a roommate PIN.

Keep Your Same Room
The Keep Your Same Room (aka Room Retention) process allows students to return to the same room for the next academic year without pulling in new roommates.

Keep Your Same Room & Bring a Friend
The Keep Your Same Room & Bring a Friend process (aka Roommate Pull In) allows students to stay in their current room for the next academic and pull in new roommates if space is available in their room, suite, or apartment.

Special Populations & General Room Selection
The General Room Selection process allows students to pick any room on campus for which they are eligible. Students may choose to pull in roommates during this process.