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FSL 2020

FSL 2020 is a three-pronged effort. By emphasizing Member Well-Being, Member Development and Chapter Excellence, UWF will establish a reputation for member experience that draws students not only to Greek life, but also to the institution.

Member Well-Being

Safer Events, Safer Members

  • Events with alcohol will be permitted only when alcohol is provided by a third-party vendor or when law enforcement or approved bonded and insured security vendor is present.
  • The advisor role will be revised regarding events with alcohol.
  • All registration deadlines for events with alcohol will be strictly enforced.
  • For all events with alcohol, chapter president (or designee) is required to attend from beginning to end.
  • New guidelines for out-of-town chapter events will be developed and implemented. 

An Educated and Empowered Community

  • FSL staff members will facilitate crisis response training for new members and chapter officers.
  • A Greek-specific Peer Educators program will be developed and chapters will be required to conduct at least one prevention workshop each semester.
  • All active and potential FSL members are required to participate in a hazing prevention program and certify compliance with laws and policies on an annual basis.
  • FSL staff members will clearly communicate expectations for crisis response and reporting as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.

Member Development

Starting Strong

  • Require all potential members to attend an FSL information session.
  • Establish an 8 week maximum limit for the new member or intake period.
  • Continue to offer a need-based scholarship to help offset the financial barrier to membership.
  • Provide chapter officers with new member experience training

Cultivating Leadership

  • Design a FSL Emerging Leaders Program that will help emerging Greek leaders prepare for service as a chapter or council officer.
  • Update the New Member Institute designed to equip new members with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute as chapter members and leaders.
  • Review the feasibility of a membership fee to support additional University programs and resources for the FSL community.

Chapter Excellence

Chapter Performance Transparency

  • Develop an online Chapter Performance Dashboard featuring chapter information and performance metrics: purpose and mission, council affiliation, academic performance, community service, demographics, chapter standing, recent accomplishments, etc.
  • Dedicate a program assistant responsible for promoting and communicating chapter accomplishments and successes via digital and social media messaging.

Fraternal Excellence

  • Revise the Fraternal excellence program designed to recognize and foster chapter excellence.
  • Clearly articulate the recognition standards and review procedures related to membership and other performance factors.
  • Clearly articulate the expectations regarding chapter advisory councils.
  • Evaluate chapter ratios and develop FSL procedures and growth plans.

FSL 2020 Annual Report 2018-2019