Billing Schedule

Billing schedule for families for the current semester.

Summer semester classes begin May 17.
Spring 2021 Billing Schedule
Billing PeriodDatesInvoice Out/Due
Spring Break
Extended Week*
(5 days)
Due: 1/27
1 1/19–2/12
(4 weeks) 
Due: 2/10 
2 2/15–3/12
(4 weeks)
Due: 3/3
3 3/15–4/9
(4 weeks)
Due: 3/31
4 4/12–5/7
(4 weeks)
Due: 4/28
Extended Week*
(4 days) 
Due: 5/26

*Break between semesters is a separate billing.

Billing and Schedule Guidelines


  • All invoices must be paid prior to the start of the semester.
  • Invoices are due upon receipt. UWF places a hold on all accounts when an invoice remains unpaid more than 14 days. Records, transcripts and registration will be delayed until the invoice is paid.
  • UWF policy requires that we distribute reminders for all unpaid invoices. First, second, and final notices are distributed each Wednesday to those who have not made payment.
  • Invoices must be paid by the end of the billing period or the child may not return.
  • Invoices not paid by the end of the billing period will be assessed a $25.00 late payment fee.


  • We urge you to carefully consider our policies when establishing your class and work schedule.
  • Class schedules must be recorded on the back of the Emergency Information Card prior to the Friday of the week before your child attends the Center.

Credit Week

  • Parents are entitled to one full week of absent credit per academic year.
  • This credit may be given for one Monday–Friday week. Parents must complete the Credit Week Request Form (available at the front desk) and turn in prior to the beginning of the billing period in which the absent week will occur. (See ERCCD Parent Handbook for other requirements).

Important Dates to Consider

Escambia County and Santa Rosa County schools spring break is March 15–19, 2021. 

Center Closure Dates
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Jan. 18
Staff Professional Development May 14