Board of Advisors

Advisory Board Purpose

Per Board of Trustee Regulation 5.010 (Educational Research Center for Child Development), the ERCCD Director may seek recommendations and advice from the ERCCD Advisory Board.  In turn, the ERCCD Advisory Board provides recommendations and advice to the ERCCD administration regarding operational processes, guidelines, and subjects such as admissions priorities, standards of conduct for the children, fees, and the Parent Handbook.  Additionally, the Advisory Board approves the Center’s Director, which is selected by the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students (hiring authority). 

Advisory Board Representation

The Advisory Board consists of faculty members, parents of children in the Center, and at least one representative of the UWF Student Government Association (SGA).  Board members are appointed by the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students. The SGA representative’s name is provided to the ERCCD administration and that individual’s Board membership is approved via the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students. The ERCCD Advisory Board has a chair, appointed by the ERCCD Administration, which runs the meetings and serves as the liaison to the ERCCD administration.  Advisory Board members are volunteers and are not compensated for their role.  Board member terms are indefinite, but are at the discretion of the ERCCD administration.  The SGA representative’s term ends when that individual’s term ends with the SGA or at the discretion of the SGA President and/or ERCCD Administration.  

Advisory Board Chair

Dr. Anita Solarski, Instructor, from the Teacher Education and Educational Leadership department at UWF currently serves at the chair of the ERCCD Advisory Board.  Dr. Solarski brings a great deal of experience and expertise to the Board.  She can be reached via email at 

Advisory Board Members

The following individuals currently serve on the ERCCD Advisory Board:

Dr. Anita Solarski, Chair, Instructor, Teacher Education and Educational Leadership, UWF

Dr. Craig Jones, Associate Professor-Emeritus, Teacher Education and Educational Leadership, UWF

Dr. Giang - Nguyen Thi Nguyen, Associate Professor, Teacher Education and Educational Leadership, UWF

Dr. Stacie Whinnery, Professor, Teacher Education and Educational Leadership, UWF

Paula Rappe, Assistant Professor, Social Work, UWF

Dr. Cynthia Smith-Peters, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, UWF

Christy Turner, Lead Teacher, UWF ERCCD

Candice Lane, Senior Accountant, UWF Foundation

Lauren Rex, Lecturer, Mathematics and Statistics, UWF

Noemi Gayton, student, UWF SGA Representative

Advisory Board Member Expectations

It is expected that Advisory Board members:

Believe in, support, and advocate for the ERCCD Mission and Values

Actively prepare for and participate at all Advisory Board meetings (typically a formal meeting is held in the fall semester and a formal meeting is held in the spring semester)

Attend ERCCD welcome back events, parent meet and greet functions at the center, and other major ERCCD organizational events, as requested by the ERCCD Administration  

Serve on and occasionally lead Advisory Board sub-committees, as applicable 

Build positive networks and relationships with ERCCD stakeholders

Comply with applicable UWF Policies and Florida Sunshine Laws

Provide recommendations and advice that promotes the positive development of the Center, independent of any personal self-interest, agenda, or the pressured influence of other individuals

Serve with integrity, and value diverse thought 

Agree to step down from the Advisory Board if you are unable to meet these expectations

Florida Sunshine Law and Advisory Board Meetings

Advisory Board meetings and communications must comply with Florida Sunshine Law and are open to the public.  Advisory Board meetings will be noticed on the UWF calendar in advance of the meeting.  Meeting agendas and meeting minutes, once approved, will be posted on the ERCCD webpage. 

Advisory Board Documents