UWF Student Ombudsperson

The ombudsperson serves as an alternate resource for all students to complement other existing channels of communication and conflict resolution. The role of the ombudsperson is to serve as a resource and designated neutral party for those who may have a University-related concern or grievance. Such problems may be related to grades, difference of opinion with instructors, interpretation of university policies, or other administrative issues. Students seeking guidance or assistance related to their University of West Florida (UWF) experience – both academic and nonacademic – should contact the UWF Student Ombudsperson.

UWF Student Ombudsperson

Photo of Dr. Vannee Cao-Nguyen
Dr. Vannee Cao-Nguyen

Current UWF Ombudsperson

Dr. Vannee Cao Nguyen
Associate Vice President Division of Academic Engagement and Student Affairs

(850) 474-2834

The UWF Student Ombudsperson DOES

Explain University policies, procedures, and appeals processes

Outline the student grievance process, including processes for grieving decisions related to access to courses and degree credit

Act as a resource / referral guide

Listen to the student’s concern(s) and provide options for resolving the issue

Work with the student and other campus officials to reach a resolution to the problem presented

The UWF Student Ombudsperson DOES NOT

Provide legal advice

Have the authority to change University policies or procedures

Have the authority to over-turn decisions made by other University officials

Act as a student’s advisor in judicial hearings or grievance processes

If a student feels that a University policy or procedure is unfair, he/she may discuss the issue with the Student Ombudsperson. If, after reviewing the policy, the Student Ombudsperson believes that a policy change is needed, he/she will bring the matter to the attention of appropriate University official(s) for consideration.