Case Management Services Frequently Asked Questions

The following information answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Case Management Services.

What is Case Management?

What is Case Management?

The Office of Case Management Services helps students in crisis situations connect with campus and community resources, navigate the university systems, and communicate with professors when extenuating circumstances exist.


What should I do if I'm concerned about a student?

Faculty, staff, students:

If you are worried about the well-being of a student, you may share those concerns with Case Management Services by:


There are situations that arise throughout the academic year, when parents need to get involved or seek help for their student. Due to FERPA regulations, it can be difficult for parents to get answers or assistance on behalf of their student.

If the matter is urgent and it is after regular business hours, you may consult with the Campus Police at 850.474.2415. If there is an imminent risk of harm or danger, please dial 911.

Case Management Services can assist parents with the following:

  • Concerns about a student (academic, personal, financial, medical incidents)
  • The parent is not sure who to call for help
  • Emergency situations (their student is missing, has been hospitalized, needs to withdraw from the university)
  • General questions about navigating university policies, procedures, or services
  • When several offices are involved in a situation or concern and the parent needs assistance with bridging the communication
What is the difference between a "Withdrawal", a "Late Withdrawal" and a "Medical Withdrawal"?


A student may withdraw from one or more classes without reason prior to the university withdrawal deadline (see the Academic Calendar for dates). Students wishing to withdraw from courses should withdraw from the course (s) themselves by following the instructions for Withdrawing After Drop/ Add. Students that wish to withdraw from ALL registered courses should withdraw from all but one course online, then complete the Last Class Withdrawal to complete and finalize the withdrawal process.

Appeal for Late Withdrawal:

If a student needs to withdraw, after the withdrawal deadline, they may submit an Appeal for a Late Withdrawal if the has experienced extenuating circumstances (deathin the family, domestic violence, military deployment, other non-medical situations) which negatively affected his/ her academic performance. The student must be able to provide supporting documentation verifying the extenuating circumstances.

Medical withdrawal:

A student may request a Medical Withdrawal if he/ she has experienced a medical or mental health event during the semester which negatively affected their academic performance. The student must be able to provide supporting medical documentation verifying the medical circumstances.

What should I know before I withdraw?

Withdrawals may impact students in a number of ways, such as:

  • Loss of on-campus housing (students must move out, within 48 hours, following a withdrawal from all courses)
  • Added cancellation fees
  • Repayment of Financial Aid
  • Loss of scholarship awards
  • Loss of placement in an academic program

 Students should carefully consult with an Academic Advisor and  Financial Aid Advisor before requesting a course or university withdrawal.

I have missed class due to a death in the family, an illness, or injury. What documentation is needed for the absence?

Case Management Services can send out Instructor Notifications to professors after we have received documentation verifying the absence.

  • If the absence is due to the death of a family member, we require verification of the relationship and a copy of the published obituary or a progam provided by the funeral home.
  • If the absence is due to illness or injury, we require a letter from the physician or a hospital note (must be on letterhead). If a doctor was not seen, you will need to contact your professors to explain the situation.

How absences and missed assignments are handled, is left to the discretion of the professor responsible for the course.

What do I do if I need modification, support or resources specifically due to COVID-19 in relation to the Return to Campus plan?
What do I do if I need accommodations due to a disability or medical condition?

Begin the registration process with Student Accessibility Resources.