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Care Services

The Dean of Students Office works to create a culture of care by helping students experiencing challenging or difficult life circumstances which might impede academic success. Among the most critical functions of the Dean of Students Office at UWF are assisting students in problem solving, exploring options, and identifying campus and community resources that may assist them with their needs.

Care Reports

The goal of the Dean of Students Office is to help retain the student by collaborating with faculty, staff, parents and other campus and community resources to address the diverse needs of UWF students.

What Should I Do if I'm Concerned About a Student?

If you are worried about the well-being of a student, you may share those concerns with the Dean of Students Office by:

  • Completing an Incident Report
  • Contacting the Dean of Students Office by email at, by phone at 850.474.2384 or in person in Building 18, Room 150B.

The Dean of Students staff responds to student referrals by reaching out to the student to offer support and relevant guidance on various issues and information about campus/community resources.

Submit an Incident Report


Class Absence Notification

Unforeseen events or circumstances may occur that cause a student to be absent from class. These could include illness, bereavement, accident or a catastrophic event such as a fire. If such issues arise, students are encouraged to notify their instructors as soon as possible in order to apprise them of the circumstances leading to their absence from classes and to develop a plan, with a timetable, to make up missed coursework. The handling of any excuses for absences is left to the discretion of the professor responsible for the course.

Professors may require students to provide documentation to the Dean of Students Office following an absence. If required, students should contact the office to discuss the circumstances of the absence, submit supporting documentation and review available supportive resources.


Student working at her computer in her dorm room.

Medical Withdrawal

When a student needs to withdraw from one or more classes at the university due to medical reasons, they may contact the Dean of Students Office for assistance with a medical withdrawal.

Medical Withdrawal
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Emergency Student Assistance

There are multiple types of emergency assistance available to students in need at UWF. Learn more about this emergency assistance, including grants and loans.

Emergency Student Assistance