Resources for You & Your Students

Career Development & Community Engagement (CDCE) is excited to assist faculty and staff in providing career development opportunities for our students and alumni. Below are many of the resources we offer to our UWF community. Feel free to contact CDCE for assistance or information you may need to help our UWF students and alumni in preparing for their future careers.

Bring CDCE To You

If you need to be away from class, don't cancel class; CDCE can cover for you! To see a list of topics we can cover, click the button to request a presentation. In order to ensure availability, please submit your request at least two weeks in advance of the presentation date.

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4 Stages of Career Development Model

Stage One: Explore

Here are a few ways you can support your students in their exploration process:

  • Invite CDCE to speak to your class regarding major exploration.
  • Encourage students to volunteer.
  • Discuss career goals with your students.
Stage Two: Discover

Here are a few ways you can support your students in the Discover stage:

  • Invite CDCE to speak to your class on resumes and/or job shadowing.
  • Suggest the Career Education-taught Major Exploration course for students struggling with declaring a major.
  • Consider serving as a source for an information interview for some of your students.
Stage Three: Prepare

Here are a few ways you can support your students in the Prepare stage:

  • Inform students of student involvement opportunities.
  • Invite CDCE to speak to your class on interviewing or internships.
  • Consider serving as a reference for some of your students.
Stage Four: Implement

Here are a few ways you can support your students in the Implement Stage:

  • Encourage students to attend career events.
  • Invite CDCE to speak to your class on job search strategies.
  • Educate your students on graduate school opportunities and benefits.

Handshake Logo


Handshake is the university-wide job posting system for students and alumni to search for jobs, internships, co-ops, and more. They will now be able to request appointments with our career coaches, while accessing thousands of jobs and internships and sign up for our events and professional development opportunities. For more information please contact

If you are a UWF faculty or staff member who would like access to Handshake from a student/alumni perspective, please email the Office of Career Development and Community Engagement at If you also need access to post positions on behalf of your department/unit, please state that information in your email.

Class Projects

We strongly encourage collaboration between your department and our office, especially when it comes to preparing our students for life beyond college. Many faculty collaborate with our office to incorporate mock interviews and job search document reviews (i.e., résumé, cover letter, portfolios, etc.) into their course requirements. We can also work with you to incorporate other services into your curriculum. To ensure maximum efficiency and the highest standard of work it is recommended that you correspond directly with your college liaison early in the semester.

Please speak with your college's liaison to answer any questions and to determine the most effective process to accommodate for your needs. Don't forget that we are prepared to host a variety of career development workshops for any class you teach with our Don't Cancel Class presentations.

Canvas Course Shell

CDCE is currently updating its course shells as part of the University's transition to Canvas. These career-related modules can be incorporated into your courses. Course shell topics include:

  • How to Choose a Major
  • Résumé/Cover Letter Writing
  • Networking/Job Search
  • Interviewing/Evaluating a Job Offer
  • Professional Portfolios
  • Experiential Learning

To request access to the CDCE Canvas Course Shell, please contact our office.