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Emerge Scholar Spotlight

The Emerge Scholar Program is helping students graduate with a portfolio of real-world experience. Learn more about the program through these Emerge Scholars' testimonials.

Chloe Diehl
Chloe Diehl, 2019 Emerge Scholar

Emerge Scholar: Chloe Diehl

Bachelor of Science in Workforce Technology, 2019

"Emerge offered me the opportunity to challenge myself academically. I discovered my strengths in research design, execution, and data analysis through my high impact projects. I managed an initiative from start to finish with guided mentorship as an undergraduate. This prepared me for the first semester of my graduate program in Instructional Technology & Leadership. Not only do I understand the principles and theories discussed in my courses, I am able to transfer these skills to the workplace to solve real-world problems."


Tracie Esmond
Tracie Esmond, 2017 Emerge Scholar

Emerge Scholar: Tracie Esmond

Bachelor of Social Work, 2017

"Not a lot of people can say they found their 'purpose' in life, but thanks to my experience and education at UWF, I can say 'I DID!' As an Emerge scholar, I was given the opportunity to take high-impact classes that not only gave me the skills to be a great social worker but actually made a difference in the way I approach life. I encourage all my classmates in the MSW program to become an Emerge Scholar. It gives you a head start at success. The UWF Social Work program is the best! The professors care about students. You can go to their offices and talk to them about anything. They will go out of their way to help. I'm so thankful and blessed to be a UWF alumna."

Tammy Sutton, 2017 Emerge Scholar

Emerge Scholar: Tammy Sutton

Bachelor of Social Work, 2017

"I am grateful for the opportunity to be an Emerge Scholar. As a result of the program, I have been able to work closely with my professors during the high-impact classes which have allowed me to gain additional skills while earning my degree. The education went beyond the classroom, and I was provided several unique and memorable experiences, such as traveling to Guatemala, advocating in Tallahassee, and presenting at the UWF Scholar Symposium. The leadership and career tool requirements aided me in building a portfolio that stands out. Being president of UWF Student Social Work Organization has been beneficial in preparing me for my career as a social worker. My future goal is to become a licensed clinical social worker, and I plan to specialize in sexual trauma."

Emerge Scholar Spotlight - Heather Mcleod
Heather Mcleod, 2016 Emerge Scholar

Emerge Scholar: Heather Mcleod

Bachelor of Arts, 2016

"I am so thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Emerge Scholar Program. Through my high-impact practices, I had the privilege of working with faculty and staff of the University that I would have otherwise not had. From them I have learned priceless lessons and tips that will help me in my future as a teacher and as a professional. I was also exposed to experiences and opportunities that gave me insight into how to better myself as an individual and leader. These opportunities influenced me to step out of my comfort zone and explore other possibilities. With my newly gained knowledge and experience, I plan on pursuing a career in elementary education with hopes of a future in a leadership position."

Emerge Scholar Spotlight - Michelle Mackin
Michelle Mackin, 2016 Emerge Scholar

Emerge Scholar: Michelle Mackin

Bachelor of Social Work, 2016

"Professor Paula Rappe introduced me to the Emerge Scholar program during one of her social work courses. I looked into it and decided it would be a wonderful opportunity to further my education. During the course of the program I was able to travel to Japan to study about their approach to social work; I learned so much! I was also given the opportunity to work with the homeless population here in the States, and that sparked a passion in me that I have turned into a career. I now work with veterans transitioning out of homelessness while I am also in the advanced standing MSW program. The Emerge Scholar program gave me the tools I need to be successful in the workforce. Along with Professor Paula Rappe, Dr. Kimberly McCorkle has been an amazing mentor throughout my Emerge Scholar journey, and I am forever grateful to both of them! The Emerge Scholar program and UWF faculty have been true blessings to me!"

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Lori Lombardo, 2016 Emerge Scholar

Emerge Scholar: Lori Lombardo

Master of Social Work, 2016

"I am incredibly passionate about UWF’s Emerge Program because it elevated my Master of Social Work learning beyond the classroom and the theoretical into real-life social work applications in Pensacola, Tallahassee, Japan, and Guatemala. Both my personal and professional growth were accelerated via highly personalized feedback from my peers and from faculty who were 100% invested in my success. Additionally, I was afforded numerous opportunities to integrate my experiences into my social work practice while sharpening my professional skills of leadership, social responsibility, and career development. In fact, the Emerge Program helped me to obtain a highly prestigious social work fellowship based upon my leadership and social justice activities. As I embark upon this new phase of my career in hopes of becoming a licensed clinical social worker, I am inspired by my Emerge experiences and know they will undoubtedly benefit me for years to come."

Nicole Beck
Nicole Beck, 2015 Emerge Scholar

Emerge Scholar: Nicole Beck

Bachelor of Science- Hospitality, 2015

“The Emerge Scholar program helped broaden my engagement and knowledge while participating in community projects during my time at the University of West Florida. This designed program has also helped me learn how the professional world operates. The experience I was able to gain from the community engagement throughout the high-impact practice program is nothing like that learned just from a textbook. I was very privileged to be a part of the Emerge program because it has taught me how to better manage my time while multitasking multiple projects. This program has also opened numerous doors of opportunity for me because now I can go out and apply for certain jobs, and show them all what I have to offer to help better their company.”

Yolonda DuBose, Emerge Scholar
Yolonda DuBose, 2015 Emerge Scholar

Emerge Scholar: Yolonda DuBose

Master of Social Work, 2015

"The Emerge HIP experiences have proved to be an essential part of my personal and professional growth during my MSW career.  I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to engage in learning with such passionate professors. They facilitated educational environments that emphasize the importance of global diversity, leadership, and service. Post graduation, I will continue my pursuits in the social work arena with the intent of becoming a licensed clinical social worker."

Chandler Carney
Chandler Carney, 2014 Emerge Scholar

Emerge Scholar: Chandler Carney

Pre-Law Legal Studies, 2014
J.D. Candidate, 2017 Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

"The University of West Florida Emerge program provided me with the necessary tools to pursue my dream as a future international attorney. It allowed me to establish a portfolio, gain insight to my career with an internship, and provided a valuable relationship with professors and local law firms. My unforgettable experience of traveling abroad to Japan allowed me to distinguish myself as a law school applicant and to immerse myself in another culture, while comparing and contrasting their legal system to our own."