OUR Travel Award Program

Please review this information carefully before applying for an OUR Travel Award

Purpose & Eligibility

Awards are intended to support undergraduates presenting at professional conferences.

Students must be enrolled as an undergraduate, degree-seeking student in good standing with the University of West Florida.

Funding & Deadlines

OUR will fund a maximum of one OUR Travel Award per student annually. A match of at least 20% of the cost of travel by the undergraduate researcher’s college and/or department is required. For regional/local/national conference, the maximum award is 80% from OUR plus the required 20% match from the student's college/department. If the cost of travel exceeds the student's award for a regional/local/national conference, the traveler must secure additional funding or pay for the remaining expenses out of pocket. Any additional sources of funding should be indicated and accounted for in the budget narrative and the amount of the request.

Deadlines: Applications can be submitted throughout the fall and spring semesters of each academic year. Applications for summer travel should be submitted before the end of the spring semester. Applications must be submitted at least 45 days before travel.

Notification of Awards: The Office of Undergraduate Research will review student applications twice per month (1st and 16th of each month). Applications must be complete by the start of business on the 1st, or it will not be reviewed until the 16th of the month. Applicants will receive a notification letter regardless of acceptance or denial. Award and denial letters will be sent via email on the 8th and 23rd of each month.


Application Information & Instructions

Applications are submitted via the electronic OUR Travel Award application. Applicants will attach the all documents (saved as individual .PDF files) to their application. Students should gather all necessary documents before beginning the application process, as applications cannot be saved and accessed at a later date:

The following items are needed for a complete application:

  • Signed OUR Travel Award Letter of Commitment (scanned and uploaded as pdf). Students should complete this letter with their faculty mentors, department chair, and College Dean before accessing the award application. The signed Letter of Commitment secures the required 20% contribution from the college and/or department. The OUR Travel Award 2019-20 OUR Travel Award Letter of Commitment can be found on the OUR website. Please allow 2-3 days each for the Dean and Department Chair to sign this letter. Please attach a copy of your acceptance letter to the conference to the Letter of Commitment when dropping it off for signatures. (uploaded as a pdf file)
  • Summary of role in conference (uploaded as pdf file). This could be an abstract of the presentation, description of the competition, etc.
  • Copy of acceptance letter to conference (uploaded as pdf; this is required at time of application)
  • Completed budget table (filled out within online application) and budget narrative (one-page minimum, uploaded as pdf)

Applications must be submitted at least 45 days before travel. Please complete one application per individual student traveler. Group applications will no longer be accepted.

(PDF)OUR Travel Award Student Guide

2019-20 OUR Travel Award Application (Application not accepting this time due to UWF restrictions)


Forms / Resources

Required:  - You must submit this form via the Travel Award application- Required signatures should all be received upon unloading to OUR.

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Guidelines for a Professional Conference

Please use the following guidelines to determine whether or not the conference/event is a “professional conference.” If the conference/event does not meet this criterion but is still a “professional” conference, please contact our@uwf.edu.

  • The conference is sponsored by a professional organization or academic institution
  • Format for student participant’s presentation is similar to a professional participant’s presentation
  • Confirmation or acceptance of presentation/abstract is required to present at the conference
Requirements for Award Recipients

Per the OUR Travel Award funding agreement, students and faculty are to submit the following no later than ten (10) business days after the conclusion of travel:

Check out where some of the OUR Travel Award Students presented their research.

Contact OUR for questions about travel grants or to submit your conference photo and details.

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