Summer Undergraduate Research Program

The Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) is an opportunity for eligible undergraduate research students to get paid for doing their research over the summer semester.

2020 SURP Celebration Week - Student (Remote) Research Video
2020 SURP Celebration Week - Student Research Video

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Join us to celebrate SURP student research for this virtual event! Follow the event at #UWF_SURP2020 and OUR on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or check out the OUR website to view the 90 SURP student presentations.

 2020 SURP Celebration Week Video

2020 SURP Celebration Week - Student (Remote) Research Video



About SURP

Students selected to participate in SURP will spend 20-25 hours per week for 6 OR 12 weeks working on a research project under close supervision of a faculty mentor. PLEASE NOTE* HMCSE Students are ONLY eligible for the 12-week participation option. This activity involves faculty and student collaboration in original research that should result in some tangible product (i.e., publication, presentation, etc.), but it's most valuable contribution is the development of the student in ways not possible in traditional classroom settings.

To maximize the SURP experience, student participants are expected to work 20-25 hours per week on their designated research project.  As a result, participants should not enroll in more than one summer course (may include associated lab).  All fellows will be required to submit a formal report, write a thank you note to the sponsor and present their results at the 2020 SURP Symposium.  Participation in the UWF Student Scholars Symposium poster session, held every Spring semester, is also encouraged. Additional opportunities to present the result of the research at local, regional, or national scientific meetings may also be possible.  


SURP Time Frame:  6 or 12 weeks over the summer semester
SURP Stipend:  $1500 (150 maximum total hours at $10 per hour) or $2,500 (250 maximum total hours at $10 per hour)

PLEASE NOTE* HMCSE Students working with HMCSE faculty are ONLY eligible for the 12-week participation option. 

SURP Program Detailed Description


1) Attend professional development workshops

2) End of program survey

3) End of program Formal Report (at discretion of faculty mentor)

4) Write a "thank you" note to sponsor

5) Present results at the 2020 SURP Symposium

Application Process Overview

Interested students must identify one or more potential faculty members that have agreed to serve as the mentor for this summer research project before applying. 

SURP student applicants will fill out/complete all information on the SURP application aside from the Mentor Statement . Once the student has completed their part of the application, the application will be electronically routed to their Faculty Mentor.


Application Deadline: Spring 2021 (date TBD)

Acceptance Notification:  Spring 2021 (date TBD)



Term 1

  • 5/11-8/7 - 12 Weeks
  • 250 Hours
  • $10 Hour
  • $2500 Total Stipened

Term 2

  • 5/11-6/23 - 6 Weeks
  • 150 Hours
  • $10 Hour
  • $1500 Total Stipened

Term 3

  • 6/25-8/7 - 6 Weeks
  • 150 Hours
  • $10 Hour
  • $1500 Total Stipened



OUR SURP Application Guide

OUR SURP Application (Apply Here)