OUR Application Portal-How to Apply

Apply for a variety of awards through the OUR Application Portal.

Application Portal

The Office of Undergraduate Research offers assistance for students who wish to perform high-impact research projects.  Students can apply for a Project Award and receive financial assistance to cover the cost of materials.  Students can also apply for the Summer Undergraduate Research Program and receive a stipend while performing research over the Summer.  Students can also apply for a Transcript Notation Request to have research projects recorded on official transcripts.  To apply for any of these awards, please click the "OUR Award Portal Application" link below. 

OUR Application Portal

OUR Travel Award Application (Application not accepting this time due to UWF restrictions)

Need Help?

User guides are available to help students navigate the application process.

OUR Project Award Application Guide

OUR SURP Application Guide

Undergraduate Research Transcript Notation Application Guide 2020

OUR Proposal Review Guide (for faculty and staff only)

Student Scholar Symposium Abstract Submission Student Guide