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OUR Explorers Program

Experience Your Major

faculty with five students

Application Opens September 24, 2021, for the spring 2022 program. Application closes October 25, 2021.

To apply to this and other OUR programs, within myUWF, simply search for "OUR" or "undergraduate research" and select "OUR Program Applications" and you will already be signed in when you access the portal.

Note: OUR matches students with UWF faculty throughout the campus and work diligently at matching each student with the right mentor. If you would like to become a mentor, please email Dr. Schwartz at, and we will get you involved!

The OUR Explorers Program will take place throughout each Spring semester. Explorers will attend professional development workshops and shadow multiple faculty members through their research activities.

OUR Explorers is for students with no previous research experience. Preference will be given to first- and second-year students. The program will take place throughout each Spring semester. This program is intended to spark interest in research and creative activities for inexperienced Undergraduate students. 

Current undergraduate, degree-seeking students who are in good standings with the University are eligible to apply.

No previous independent research experience outside of course assigned research

Preference will be given to freshmen and sophomore Students

1) 2022 OUR Explorer's Check-in - you are required to complete a check-in each time you meet with your faculty or accomplish progress with your OUR Explorers program.

2)  OUR Explorers Program Details - program goals and ideas to help to spark your creativity while "exploring" your possibilities. 

  • Gain valuable hands-on experience with research
  • Shadow multiple faculty members
  • Professional development tailored to first-time researchers
  • Discover your true passion in the field of your degree
  • Explorer several research groups to find your personal interest

Per the OUR Explorers Award funding agreement, students and faculty are to complete the following: