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240 Tutoring

TeacherReady students get 50% off of all FTCE digital study guides with 240 Tutoring.

Guaranteed FTCE Study Guides

240 Tutoring offers comprehensive digital study guides guaranteed to prepare educators to pass their certification exams — because the world needs more good teachers. After seeing the limited number of high-quality test resources available, founder Scott Rozell was inspired to help teachers by creating the tools they needed to pass their exams with confidence. 240 Tutoring continues to grow as more teachers use our resources and share their success stories.

The 240 Tutoring Guarantee:
If a user scores 90% on our Practice Test (at the end of the study guide), but fails the exam then they are eligible for a money-back refund of up to 2 months of their subscription (see our Terms of Use for full details).

Where Teachers Go To Study

Comprehensive Test Aligned Digital Study Guides

  • Instructional Content: Your digital textbook includes embedded concept videos.
  • Flashcards: Test your understanding of key vocabulary, dates, theories and more.
  • Quizzes: Multiple choice quizzes with immediate feedback on the incorrect & correct answers.
  • Diagnostic Test: Benchmark your understanding of concepts & topics with this timed, multiple choice test.
  • Practice Test: Once you have completed all material in a study guide, you will be able to take the Practice Test. The Practice Test mocks the actual exam in time & length.

240 Tutoring guarantees you will pass your FTCE exams or your money back! When you subscribe, you receive access to the entire FTCE study guide catalog.

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