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Teacher Certification Exams

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In addition to taking our program, all teacher candidates that wish to receive certification will be required to take the three Florida Teacher Certification Exams unless exempt. To receive teacher certification through TeacherReady, these exams are required even if applying for certification in another state.

Florida Teacher Certification Exams

Subject Area Exam


Your Subject Area Exam is scheduled at time of preliminary acceptance. A delay in taking the Subject Area Exam will hinder your receipt of the Eligible Statement of Eligibility which is required prior to being fully enrolled and starting the eight intensive lessons.

This exam tests your proficiency in the subject matter that you plan to teach, both in content knowledge and methods of teaching your subject area. Best practices in teaching for improved student achievement (including pedagogy, instructional tactics, strategies and measurements) are included in the TeacherReady curriculum, but they are not specific to your subject area (e.g., math, science, etc.). It is important that you prepare for this exam using study materials. The SAE may be waived if you have a master’s degree in the same area as your certification. Please ensure your master’s transcripts are on file with the FLDOE.

Download the Subject Area Exam Guide

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General Knowledge Exam


For those who apply with Florida Department of Education after July 1, 2021, a previously completed masters from an accredited institution may be used for exemption of the General Knowledge exam. Connect with your advisor for more information.

Non-pedagogy based. This exam tests your writing, reading, English and math skills. The GK may be waived if you have a master’s degree from an accredited institution. Please ensure your master’s transcripts are on file with the FLDOE.

Download the General Knowledge Exam Guide

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Professional Education Exam


Tests your mastery of educational pedagogy and classroom skills. TeacherReady® curriculum will prepare you for much of the content covered in the this exam. However, it will be necessary to prepare using independent study materials.

Pedagogy-based. This exam tests your mastery of educational pedagogy and classroom skills. The PEd can be waived if candidates are teaching in Florida and received a Highly Effective Rating on their most recent teacher evaluation.

Download the Professional Education Exam Guide

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Success is in the Preparation

FTCE Guide and Study Resources

We have developed a comprehensive guide to the Florida Teacher Certification Exams, including a list of study guides that you might consider in your preparation.

Download the Guide

Exam Center Locator

With the exception of a few Subject Area Exams, the FTCE exams can be taken in any state. For those with base access, exams can also be taken on most military bases, overseas. Find the testing center nearest you.

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Partner with a Preparation Program

The Learning Liaisons

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Learning Liaisons

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