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Tuition & Cost

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The full teacher certification costs from TeacherReady application to program completion are listed below.

Total Program and Additional Fees

Costs are payable to TeacherReady, the State of Florida or Exxat (depending on the expense source).

Item Cost
Program Application Fee $30
Program Tuition $5,400
Electronic Portfolio Fee
(Paid during orientation and directly to Exxat)
Florida Department of Education Application Fees $75-$150
Florida Teacher Certification Exams $300-$450

TeacherReady Monthly Tuition Installments

Most students pay for each lesson as they are enrolling in the lesson, typically on a monthly schedule. You will not be charged interest or additional fees for making your payment in installments at the point of registration into the next lesson. The program should be completed and paid in full within 12 months of the start date. Tuition cost per lesson is $450 per lesson for 12 lessons total. 

Lesson Tuition
Four (4) Foundation Courses $450 per lesson
Eight (8) Intensive Lessons $450 per lesson

Funding Information and Options

If you pay all or any portion of a tuition installment in advance of accessing that course/lesson and later decide to withdraw from TeacherReady prior to accessing that course/lesson, you may request a refund for such prepaid amounts. Requests for withdrawal with refund may be made by completing a TeacherReady Withdrawal Form.

Once you have accessed a TeacherReady course/lesson, the tuition for that course/lesson is non-refundable. Similarly, you will not be entitled to a refund if you are involuntarily withdrawn from TeacherReady for improper conduct, including, but not limited to, failure to abide by school policies or regulations, an unsatisfactory background screening or certification eligibility determination.

The following fees paid outside of program tuition are not eligible for refund:

  • Application Fee
  • FLDOE Application Fees
  • Transcript Fees
  • FTCE Exam or Other State Certification Exam Fee(s)
  • Fingerprinting Fee(s)

Refunds of tuition fees for any lesson which the student did not participate may be granted in instances of withdrawal from the TeacherReady program under the following conditions:

  1. Involuntary call to active military duty.
  2. Death of the student or death in the immediate family (parent, spouse, child, sibling).
  3. Illness of the student of such duration or severity, as confirmed in writing by a physician, that completion of the lesson is precluded.
  4. Exceptional circumstances that could not have been foreseen and were beyond the control of the student, as approved by the University refund committee.

Refunds after the Scheduled Start Date of Lesson ‐ Withdrawals
There are no refunds issued for a lesson after the scheduled start date for the individual lesson due to a request to withdrawal from the program.

Official Withdrawal Date: The date you are officially withdrawn from the TeacherReady program.  

Military Personnel and their spouses can receive financial aid. Financial benefits will be based on the current military status, education funding available to them, and their chosen degree path. For more information, please contact us. You can also find information about military financial benefits at one of the links, below:
The Florida Department of Education now offers a Military Certification Fee Waiver for service members, veterans and spouses. This waiver includes:
  • $75 per subject area for an initial certification application with the FLDOE
  • Registration fees for initial attempts on the Florida Teacher Certification Exams

The TeacherReady® Program does not qualify for federally funded financial aid such as FAFSA or Pell Grants.

The TeacherReady® Program qualifies for continuing education loans:

  1. Smart Option Loans are offered through Sallie Mae. These are credit-based loans sponsored by the federal government. Apply for a Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan. To apply by phone, call 877.279.7172. The school name needed for your Sallie Mae application is The University of West Florida – Continuing Education.
  2. Graduate-level certificate loans are available through SoFi & College Ave.
    SoFi: Create an account with SoFi and apply for a graduate-level certification program loan. The school code associated with your loan is 003955-98.
    College Ave: Create an account with College Ave and apply for a loan.
  3. Undergraduate Loans or Graduate Professional Loans are available through PNC. The school code associated with your loan is 003955-98 (University of West Florida Continuing Education). Apply for a PNC Loan.