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Pre-Award Services

There are many steps to developing a research project and preparing a research proposal for submission. This section is designed to provide information that will help faculty members develop a proposal, create a budget, and navigate the process for submitting proposals at the University of West Florida. 

Eligibility to Submit a Proposal 

The Academic Affairs Division through RAE has established that any individual holding an affiliation with a unit of the university may be a PI and submit proposals, including the following:

  • Faculty in Tenure-Accruing Tracks
  • Faculty in Non-Tenure Accruing Tracks
  • Other University Faculty and Personnel including Lecturers, Instructers, and University Workforce Staff

New Investigators should hold a UWF appointment at the time of application or expect to hold an appointment by the effective date of the award. Other members of the UWF community such as students, adjuncts, or other community members may serve as co-PIs or senior key personnel on proposal in collaboration with an eligible PI.

Proposal Development

  1. Handling inquiries regarding funding sources, deadlines, and application procedures
  2. Assisting with funding searches for faculty projects
  3. Maintaining a database of faculty research expertise
  4. Distributing funding announcements from various government publications
  5. Preparing the proposal and budget
  6. Completing agency forms and interpretation of agency guidelines
  7. Submitting (duplication and mailing or electronic submission) proposals
  8. Assisting with requests for RAE matching funds
  9. Assisting with compliance with required certifications and assurances and other submission preparation guidelines such as monitoring human research participant and animal subject approvals
  10. Maintaining pre-award grant and contract files
  11. Resolving pre-award problem

Writing a Proposal

Careful development and rigorous writing of a detailed research proposal are necessary for success in highly competitive research funding environments at most sponsoring agencies. Members of national review panels state repeatedly that it is no longer good enough to write a solid proposal. It has to be a "great" proposal. Applicants must be prepared to sell their ideas with professional finesse.

Proposal writers should use campus faculty expertise and agency advice during both conceptual planning and the proposal writing stage. Please coordinate with the RAE Grants Specialist to facilitate any such contacts.

The RAE Grants Specialist will assist in reviewing applications for requirements, development of a detailed budget, gathering support information and materials, and providing referrals to other UWF researchers and agency personnel who may be of assistance.

Investigators are encouraged to view agency web sites for examples of successful proposals and to seek guidance from program officers on any specific questions. Many agencies have guides to a successful proposal and these should be reviewed and followed exactly for favorable consideration. Following agency guidelines is becoming increasingly important. Pay close attention to format requirements, text requirements and selection criteria. GrantSAT Grant Proposal Self-Assessment Tool (PDF) is a sample self-assessment tool available for use.