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Incentives & Initiatives for Faculty

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs provides internal incentives and initiatives to support and promote faculty research and provide assistance for those interested in pursuing external funding opportunities.

Postdoctoral Appointments (2 year appointment) – NEW!

The Center for Research and Economic Opportunity (CREO) has encumbered funding sufficient to support 25 postdocs for two (2) years at a maximum allowable rate of $60,000 for the first year which includes the appointment salary ($38,000 - $42,000), UWF fringes, cost for recruitment and a laptop (NIH NRSA) and a maximum allowable rate of $56,370 for year two which includes the appointment salary and UWF fringes. All additional costs such as supplies and conference travel will be handled by traditional RSP internal incentives once the postdoc is hired.

There are two postdoc appointments available to the university; Research and Teaching:

Research Appointments (zero teaching load): CREO – 60%, Academic Affairs – 20%, College – 20%
Teaching Appointments (1:1 – total two per year): CREO – 40%, Academic Affairs – 30%, College – 30%

Salaries are not capped but any department exceeding the maximum allowable rate will be required to cover all costs associated with the increased difference in the salary offered.

Equipment Matching Funds – NEW!

This new incentive helps support research efforts at UWF by providing funds for equipment purchases (i.e., scientific equipment, lab equipment, or any other equipment intended for research support). The total cost of the purchase is split 33.3% each by CREO, the College, and Academic Affairs

The UWF Florida Research Fellowship –NEW!

As many as eight (8) or more concurrent UWF Florida Research Fellow awards will be made to support faculty to purse applied research projects. The competitive award process is open to any full-time UWF faculty (regardless of tenure or non-tenure). Applications are encouraged from all disciplines.

UWF Graduate Student Researcher Travel Award Program – NEW!

Travel funding is available to support graduate students (and accompanying faculty) to present papers and posters at professional conferences. At the recommendation of a department chair and with the approval of the college dean, CREO will disburse funds to support graduate level student travel and professional presentations. CREO will fund 80% of graduate researcher travel and the remaining 20% is paid by the Researcher’s college.

Northwest Florida Industry Research Matching Grant Program

Encourages collaborations between members of targeted industries and UWF faculty, staff, and students. Emphasis on the identification and development of intellectual property that may hold the potential for commercialization. $1.5 million currently encumbered to support this program.

Northwest Florida Asset Valuation and Marketing Support Program (NWFL-AVMS)

Funds not-for-profits to pay UWF faculty, staff and students to conduct market studies, create promotional campaigns and deliver other services that enhance the marketability of locales and regional assets throughout Northwest Florida.

Scholarly and Creative Activities Funding (SCAC)

The Scholarly and Creative Activity Committee makes awards to faculty and graduate students to support research and creative activities. Faculty are encouraged to submit proposals for projects that have the potential to produce externally funded support. Visit the SCAC website for more information on how to apply.

Distinguished Research and Creative Activities Award (SCAC)

Up to 4 Distinguished and Creative Activity Awards are made annually to faculty demonstrating high productivity in research. Visit the SCAC website for more information on how to apply.

Research and Sponsored Programs Matching Fund

RSP may contribute matching funds when required by the Request for Proposals (request made by an external funding source). Matching generally is calculated as a 1/3 share from each of the following: Department, College and RSP. Contact your Grant Specialist or visit the RSP website for more information.