Current Funding Opportunities

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Previous Opportunities
April 2017 Opportunities

External Funding Opportunities

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James S. McDonnell Foundation: Teachers as Learners (Deadline April 26, 2017)

DARPA: Biological Technologies (Deadline April 28, 2017)

William T. Grant Foundation (Deadline May 3, 2017, and August 2, 2017)

NEA: Learning and Leadership Grants (Deadlines June 1, 2017, and October 15, 2017)

W.M.Keck Foundation: Undergraduate Education Program (Concept Papers due July 1-Aug 15)

American Legion Child Welfare Foundation (Deadline July 15, 2017)

Toshiba America Foundation K-5 Science and Math Projects (Deadline October 1, 2017)

P. Buckley Moss Foundation: Arts-Integrated Education Programs

American Honda Foundation: Youth Education Grants (Deadlines vary)

International Reading Association Various Grants (Deadlines vary)

Bank of America Charitable Foundation (Deadlines vary)

Brady Education Foundation Grants (Deadlines vary)

Toshiba America Foundation (Deadlines vary)

Spencer Foundation (Deadline vary)

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NIH: National Library of Medicine Information Resource Grants to Reduce Health Disparities (G08)

CDC: Community Approaches to Reducing STDs (LOI Deadline April 28, 2017)

March of Dimes: Research Program (LOI April 30, 2017)

Gulf Research Program: Research-Practice Grants (LOI Due May 3, 2017)

NIH Research Initiative for Scientific  Enhancement (RISE) (Deadline May 25, 2017)

NIH: Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health (R01) (R21) (R03) Grant (Deadline May 7, 2019)

RWJF: New Connections Increasing Diversity (Deadline May 16, 2017)

NIH: Enhancing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Educational Diversity Research (Deadline May 24, 2017)

NIH: Methodology and Measurement in the Behavioral and Social Sciences (R01) (R21) Grant (Deadline September 7, 2019)

DHHS: NIOSH Support for Conferences and Scientific Meetings (R13) (Deadline September 8, 2019)

American Psychological Association: Pearsall Grant Program (Deadline October 1, 2017)

ACS Award for Encouraging Women into Careers in the Chemical Sciences (Deadline November 1, 2017)

NIH: Support of Competitive Research (SCORE) Research Advancement Award (SC1) (Deadlines January 28,2018 and March 25, 2018)

American Heart Association (Deadlines vary)

National Center for Responsible Gaming (Deadlines vary)

Retirement Research Foundation:  Education, Research, and Advocacy Projects (Deadlines vary)

Kresge Foundation (Deadlines vary)

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation: NARSAD (National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression Grant) (Deadlines vary)

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

List of all NIH Funding Opportunities

List of all HRSA Funding Opportunities

List of all HHS Funding Opportunities

List of all Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Funding Opportunities



NCI: Mentored Research Scientist Development Award to Promote Diversity (Deadline June 12 and October 12, 2017)

NSF: Public Participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Research: Capacity-building, community-building, and direction-setting (April 11, 2017)

USDA: Higher Education Challenge Grants Program (Deadline May 30, 2017)

NSF: Perception, Action, and Cognition (Deadline June 15, 2017)

NSF: Geoinformatics (LOI due July 1 annually)

IEEE Foundation: Grant Program (Deadline July 15, 2017)

NSF: Developmental Science (Deadline July 17, 2017)

NSF: CAREER (Deadlines July 19-21, 2017)

NSF: Instrument Development for Biological Research (Deadline last Friday in July annually)

NSF: Computer and Information Science and Engineering Research Initiation Initiative (Deadline second Wednesday in August annually)

NSF Biological Oceanography (Deadline August 15, 2017)

NSF Chemical Oceanography (Deadline August 15, 2017)

NSF Physical Oceanography (Deadline August 15, 2017)

NSF: International Research Experiences for Students (Deadline third Tuesday in August annually)

NSF: Research Experiences for Undergraduates (Deadline fourth Wednesday in August annually)

DOD:  National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Academic Research Program (Deadline White Paper: August 31, 2017)

NASA: Early Career Investigator Program in Earth Science (Deadline August 31, 2017)

NSF: Materials Engineering and Processing (Deadline September 15 annually)

NSF: Mechanics of Materials and Structures (Deadline September 15 annually)

NSF: Science of Science and Innovation Policy (Deadline September 9 annually)

NSF:  Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation (SI2: SSE & SSI) (Deadlines: September annually)

NSF: Mind, Machine and Motor Nexus  (M3X) (Deadline September 15, 2017)

NSF: Biomechanics and Mechanobiology (Deadline September 15 annually)

NGA: Academic Research Program (Deadline September 2017)

NSF: Collections in Support of Biological Research (Deadline September 14, 2017)

NSF: Geography and Spatial Sciences Program (Deadline first Thursday of September annually)

NSF/NEH: Documenting Endangered Languages: Data, Infrastructure, and Computational Methods (Deadline September 15 annually)

Naval Engineering Education Consortium (NEEC) (Deadline October 10, 2017)

CNS: Core Programs (Deadlines: Small: November 16, 2017; Medium: October 19, 2017; Large: October 19, 2017)

NSF: Energy for Sustainability (Deadline October 20, 2017)

NSF: Environmental Sustainability (Deadline October 20, 2017)

Naval Research Laboratory Broad Agency Announcement (Deadline varies)

National Geographic Society: Waitt Grant (Deadlines vary)

National Geographic Society:  Committee for Research and Exploration Grant Application (Deadlines vary)

Waitt Foundation Grants (Deadlines vary)

Samsung: Global Research Outreach (GRO) Program (Deadlines vary)

Energy Foundation Grants (Deadlines vary)

NSF:  Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation (SSE & SSI) (Deadlines vary)

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine: Gulf Research Program (Deadlines vary)

NSF:  Leveraging GLOBE to Increase Student Engagement and Diversity (Deadlines vary)

NSF: Earth Sciences: Instrumentation and Facilities Program (Deadlines vary)

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation: Digital Information Technology (Deadlines vary)

List of all NSF Funding Opportunities


Harpo Foundation Visual Artists Program (Deadline April 25)

Samuel H. Kress Foundation (Deadlines January 15, April 1, and October 1)

NEH: Preservation and Access Education and Training Grants (Deadline May 2, 2017)

Florida Division of Cultural Affairs (Deadline June 1, 2017)

Digital Humanities Advancement Grants (Deadline June 6, 2017)

John Templeton Foundation (Deadline August 31, 2017)

Guggenheim Memorial Foundation (Deadline September 19, 2017)

William H. Johnson Prize (Deadline November 16, 2017)

American Musicological Society (Deadlines vary)

Mellon Foundation Grants (Deadlines vary)

Pollock-Krasner Grants (Deadlines vary)

Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation (Deadlines vary)

Gerda Henkel Stiftung: Research Grants (Deadlines vary)

List of all NEH Funding Opportunities

List of all NEA Funding Opportunities


Department of Veterans Affairs: Grants for Adaptive Sports Programs for Disabled Veterans and Disabled Members of the Armed Forces (Deadline April 21, 2017)

American Institute for Economic Research: Visiting Research Fellowship (Deadline May 1, 2017)

Native American Library Services Enhancement Grants (Deadline May 17, 2017)

Russell Sage Foundation: Future of Work (LOI due May 31, 2017)

Retirement Research Foundation (LOI Deadline June 15, 2017)

NSF: Perception, Action, & Cognition (LOI due June 15, 2017)

American Sociological Association (Deadline June 15, 2017)

Calvin K. Kazajian Economics Foundation (Deadline September 15, 2017)

DOJ: Bureau of Justice Assistance: Multiple Funding Opportunities

Economic History Association Grants and Fellowships (Deadlines vary)   

State Justice Institute: Project Grants, Technical Assistance Grants, Curriculum Adaptation and Training Grants, and Strategic Initiatives Grants(Deadlines vary)

Surdna Foundation Grants: Sustainable Communities (Deadlines Vary)

Mott Foundation Grants (Deadlines vary)

Council on Social Work Education (Various opportunities)


AACR-American Association for Cancer Research

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer Young Investigator Award 

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine 

American Heart Association

American Philosophical Society in Clinical Investigation

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

Burroughs Welcome Fund (physical/mathematical/computational sciences, engineering or biology)

George C. Marshall/Baruch Fellowships

Gerber Foundation (Novice Researchers)

Grass Fellowship Program Marine Biological Laboratory 

Helen Hay Whitney Foundation Research

Eli Lilly Travel Award (Women Chemists)

Franklin Research Grants

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Larry L. Hillblom Foundation 

Life Sciences Research Foundation

L'Oreal Foundation Women in Science

NSF: Alan T. Waterman Award

NSF: Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Biology (PRFB) 

NSF: Postdoctoral Fellowship (Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences)

NSF: Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowships 

NSF: Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

Pew Latin American Fellows Program in the Biomedical Sciences

PhRMA Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowships in Informatics

Simons Foundation