At this time, no on campus research activities are allowed without specific approval from the Dean and AVP of Research.

As part of Phase 1 of the UWF Return to Campus Plan, limited on-campus and field research activities are being considered for action after June 15, 2020.  UWF faculty may submit a petition for UWF employees (faculty, staff, and student) to return to on-campus or field-based research activities; all volunteer research efforts remain on hiatus at this time.  This petition starts by submitting an application that describes the location, personnel, and nature of the proposed research activities for review by the AVP of Research Administration and the faculty member’s college Dean. The form for consideration can be found here:  Phase 1 UWF Field and Laboratory Research Broadening Access Survey

All employees who are approved to return to on-campus or field-based research activities are subject to all of the requirements of the UWF Phase 1 Return to Campus plan, including completion of the mandatory Employee COVID-19 Training and the Daily COVID-19 Return to Campus Pre-Screening Form

Please continue to check this page and the UWF coronavirus response page ( for updates on this process.

In anticipation of campus researcher’s initial planning efforts, RAE has compiled the following guidance for the types of considerations that will likely need to be addressed prior to a return to campus research activity: 

1. When deciding how to grant access to lab/studio spaces, think about specific physical spaces and who will be in them.

a. Aim for no more than 25% of the normal occupancy of any one space.

b. Ensure more than 6 ft. between workers and less than one person per 100 square feet to allow for social distancing.

2. Masks should be worn when in any campus building except when the situation dictates this is not practical (e.g. eating, drinking, play musical instruments).

3. Before leaving spaces, all employees should clean surface areas according to protocols provided by UWF.

4. No face-to-face human subjects research may be conducted unless it has already been approved.

5. Any visitors must follow the safety procedures outlined above (but visitors should be kept to a minimum, and coordinated by chairs).

6. If more than one person is working in a lab space, then all parties in that room must wear a face covering at all times.  Face coverings are not required if staff are working alone in a lab space with a closed door.  If the lab includes annex rooms with a door that can be closed (i.e., a sub-room), then face coverings need not be used if only one person is working in the sub-room. Face coverings must also be worn in all public spaces on campus, including hallways, stairwells, and elevators.

7. If traveling in a car, then proper social distancing (six feet between persons) must be maintained at all times (e.g., sitting in different rows of a departmental van).  If that is not possible, then consider alternate transportation (e.g., driving separately) or all parties must wear a face covering while traveling.

Note that the above list is not comprehensive and has not been placed into the context of the UWF campus plan. It is provided by RAE only as guidance for the type of considerations to be made as part of the planning for a return to campus research activities.

June 3, 2020 Update

The UWF administration is currently working to establish a phased plan for a return to on-campus activities, including non-essential research. All research activity approvals will be performed in concert with the UWF campus plan.

May 15, 2020 Update

No research activities will be approved for commencement before June 15, 2020.