NECP Program

This page is dedicated for those Air Force servicemembers seeking to apply for one of the seats in the UWF BSN program that are reserved for NECP scholarship recipients.   

The window to receive packages applying for one of the reserved NECP seats in the UWF nursing program begins November 01, 2020; and ends November 30, 2020.

For those selected, an acceptance letter and a signed form 48 will be provided for inclusion in packages to the Air Force for the NECP program.  In addition, there will be disclosure and acknowledgement documents that will need to be completed and returned to the University to finalize selection.  For frequently asked questions, click here.   Frequently Ask Questions - Air Force.  For supplemental package upload instructions, please email your request to

Remaining Critical Milestone Dates:

November 30, 2020 – Last day for UWF to receive supplemental BSN applications for NECP seats.   Frequently Ask Questions - Air Force.  For supplemental package upload instructions, please email your request to

December 09, 2020 – Applicants notified of UWF NECP Selection Committee results

December 15, 2020 – Form 48 and Acceptance letters emailed to NECP applicants selected by the UWF NECP Selection Committee

January 19, 2021 – NECP Application due to Air Force via myPers link.

March 01 – March 05, 2021– Air Force NECP Selection Board meets

Late March 2021 – Air Force posts selection board results to myPers

May 10, 2021 – Last day for AFPC to receive fully accepted letters from the NECP applicant

Application Packet

1.    2021 NECP Supplemental BSN Application (This application supplements the formal application to the University.  All applicants must be formally admitted to the University of West Florida to the UWF Pre-Licensure BSN Nursing Program as a condition of package review).  



4.  Unofficial or Official transcripts

5.    Completing TEAS at UWF / TEAS Testing - Other Locations / UWF TEAS Testing Price List / TTEAS for Active Duty Military

All students entering the upper division BSN program must:

Have Completion of 62 credit hours.  

Completion of two years High School foreign language or two semesters of the same language at the college level prior to admission to UWF Nursing Program.

A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 is required for consideration for acceptance into the upper division nursing program.

Completion of all statewide common course prerequisite courses with grade of "C" or better.

Prerequisite Courses:

BSC 1085/L Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab (4 sh)

BSC 1086/L Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab (4 sh)

DEP 2004 Human Development Across the Life Span (3 sh)

HSC 2577 Principles of Nutrition (3 sh)

MCB 1000/L Fundamentals of Microbiology with Lab (4 sh)

STA 2023 Elements of Statistics (3 sh)

Choose One: CHMxxxx, BCHxxxx, PCBxxxx, PHYxxxx, or BSCxxxx (3 sh)

Choose One: PSYxxxx, SOPxxxx, or SYGxxxx (3 sh)

Upper division nursing core courses, Students must earn a grade of "C" or better to progress:

Note:  The UWF Dr. D.W. McMillan BSN Nursing program allows students to apply and have their transcripts evaluated for transfer credit to determine remaining general education and prerequisite course requirements.  Based upon that audit, and working with their program advisor, students will then have a clear roadmap as to their progress in meeting all of the academic requirements remaining. Application to the Pre-Licensure program should be done as early as necessary to allow students to complete the remaining coursework to be eligible for the Fall 2021enrollment period.  Per Air Force AY2021guide, NECP applicants must be fully accepted into the University program no later than May 10, 2020.