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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked general questions.

Bright Futures can be used for any educational expenses whether they are direct costs to the university or not.  Bright Futures can work as cash.  The award is based on a set amount per credit hour.  If the student has another fund that covered their tuition/fees, then Bright Futures can apply to any other part of the student's bill or be refunded to the student. Bright Futures does not affect VA benefits.

Florida Prepaid does not affect students receiving VA benefits.

VA now requires Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) schools to report only the actual net cost of in-state tuition and fees assessed by the school for degree program. IHL will apply any waiver of, or reduction in, tuition and fees AND any scholarship, Federal, State, institutional, or employer based aid or assistance, that is provided directly to the university and specifically designated for the sole purpose of defraying tuition and fees before calculating your VA Education Benefit.

If they are specific to tuition and fees, they will be applied to defraying the cost of tuition and fees before calculating VA benefits. If they can be used for any educational expense, then they will not affect VA benefits.

Title IV funds are excluded from VA benefits.  (Pell Grant, Sub and Unsub Loans, etc.) 

Can I use my VA Benefits while in the Grit program?

Yes, contact the Military & Veterans Resource Center (MVRC,, 850-474-2550) for certification information (note you must be degree-seeking to use benefits).

How will the 11 credit hour maximum requirement affect my VA Stipend? 

The 11 credit hour maximum will place your VA Certification at 3/4 time for your living stipend and use 3/4 time of a month. 

The following spring semester, when enrolling in 12 credit hours, term 1 (* note - credit requirements change with terms and semester), your VA Certification will be full-time for your living stipend and use one month of benefits. 

Recipients of the Purple Heart or other combat decoration superior in precedence may receive a tuition and fees waiver.  The student must be enrolled in an undergraduate program of study leading to a degree or certificate, is currently and was at the time of the military action that resulted in the awarding of the combat decoration a resident of Florida, and submits a copy of the Department of Defense Form 214 (DD-214) as documentation that the student received the Purple Heart or other combat decoration superior in precedence. The waiver is applicable for 110 percent of the number of required credit hours of the degree or certificate program for which the student is enrolled.

If you have a combat award, please contact the UWF Cashier for more information and entitlements.

In order to certify for your classes, you need to make sure the classes you are taking at the transient school will count as credit toward your degree at the University of West Florida (UWF).  Go to and complete the online Transient Student Form.  The Transient Student Application is available online through Florida Virtual Campus at  You will receive an email confirming the courses at your transient college or university can be credited to your degree here at UWF.  Print out the confirmation email / Transient Student Form and turn in to the transient school along with your certification form.  At the end of the semester, you will need to send/turn-in your transcripts from the transient institution to UWF.

The VA will pay for any course you take that falls under your degree program, minors and certificate programs as required for graduation.  For some courses, a letter from your academic advisor informing the Military and Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) that a course is required may be needed in order to certify it.

Contact the University of West Florida's (UWF) Military & Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) to find out if the course(s) you are taking have been approved by the Veterans Affairs (VA) State Approving Agency (SAA).

VA --  Visit the MVRC to see our VetSuccess on Campus (VSOC) Counselor.

UWF -- Open your MYUWF account.  Open the Contact and Privacy Info tab and update address.

Print a copy of the confirmation page that shows your confirmation number and provide to the MVRC.

Once you have identified where you want to go to school, please apply as soon as possible.  You can apply for the school and VA benefits at the same time, the sooner the better.

As soon as you submit a VA enrollment certification form via your MYUWF account, we start the certification process.  Once your benefits and all your classes are verified, they will be submitted to the VA.

Contact your academic advisor.  If you get an email stating you need an advisor letter, forward the email to the advisor.  If you meet with your advisor, they may be able to update your degree works with the class.  Students that have an undecided degree must get a letter from the academic advisor listing the classes and stating the major to which they will be applied.

Change the class, add a minor, or get an academic advisor to approve the class on your degree works or in writing.

To qualify as a Florida resident for tuition purposes, the student (dependent or independent) must submit documentation to the admissions office to prove they are a U.S. Citizen, permanent resident alien, or a legal alien granted indefinite stay by U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, and must have established physical and legal residence in Florida for at least one year.

The answer depends on many variables:

Undergraduate: full time is 12 hours during the fall and spring semester for term 1 and 9 hours during the summer semester for term 1.

Graduate: full time is 6 hours each semester during term 1.

However, since there are 9 parts of a term, it is best to visit the MVRC and review your schedule with a transition coach to determine what your training time will be.

VA approves and certifies all classes listed on the VA WEAMS website for UWF and listed in the UWF PDF catalog.

Army, Coast Guard, Marine, Navy

The Army, Coast Guard, Marine and Navy , including Active Duty, Reserve, and Veterans, are processed through the Department of Defense JST portal.  Guard and Reserves can only request their official transcript online through the DoD JST portal, while active duty process either online or by mail.  Forms and mailing addresses are located in the DoD JST portal Instruction Page.

Air Force

The CCAF transcripts are maintained by the Air Force Air University (AU).  Official transcripts can be ordered for free online, free via written request, or by first class mail or overnight with tracking numbers (pricing varies subject to USPS or FedEx rates). Airmen can also view their unofficial transcript through the Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC).

To request an official transcript, simply log on to:



The following Music Ensemble Courses are 0 credit hours and cannot be certified to be paid for by the VA:

MUN 3100   UWF Argo Athletic Band

MUN 3133   The University of West Florida Symphonic Band

MUN 3213   Advanced Symphony Orchestra

MUN 3313   UWF Singers

MUN 3323   Concert Choir

MUN 3363   Advanced Chamber Choir

MUN 3443   Percussion Ensemble

MUN 3483   Guitar Ensemble

MUN 3713   Jazz Combo

MUN 4411   String Quartet

MUN 4714   UWF Jazz Ensemble