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“Expedited” Approval Process
for Changes to Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes

The purpose of the Expedited Approval Process for Changes to Program-Level SLOs is to allow departments the opportunity to propose changes to SLOs within UWF’s Curriculum Change Request (CCR) system without impacting normal catalog publication deadlines.  Faculty oversight and governance of curriculum changes still apply to the expedited process and all faculty councils (i.e. the appropriate college council, Graduate Council (for graduate level programs), Academic Council, and Faculty Senate) are included as usual.

Departments should begin this process by discussing program-level SLOs. The overall goal of a program-level SLO is to identify the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that graduates should possess upon completion of the degree program.  Criteria faculty could consider when writing or revising program-level SLOs include programmatic accreditation requirements, licensure requirements, industry trends, research in the discipline, and experience of the faculty as to requirements for advanced study and contributions to the discipline.

Once these program goals are identified, faculty can begin to write appropriate and measurable student learning outcomes.  These program-level student learning outcomes are typically broad in nature but also measurable. Faculty have several resources available to them on the UWF Center for University Teaching, Learning, and Assessment website, to include the following:

After the department has identified the revised SLOs for their program, the following documents should be prepared:

  1. Request to Change Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes  (Download Form)

    Identifies current and proposed SLOs for the program along with rationale for change and other appropriate information for reviewers.

  2. Updated Curriculum Map

    Maps proposed outcomes to existing program of study. Several examples and templates are available on the CUTLA website.

    Embedded Assignments Sample Curriculum Map
    Level of Skill Sample Curriculum Map
    Curriculum Map Template

  3. 5-Year Assessment Plan

    Outlines the department’s plan for assessing each of the proposed SLOs through a full-cycle of assessment within a five-year period.

    Sample 5-Year Assessment Plan
    Template 5-Year Assessment Plan

Once the documents are prepared, they should be submitted to the CCR Coordinator via email to to initiate the expedited approval process.

For questions on the Expedited Approval Process, please contact:

Emily Teets, CCR Coordinator

For questions on the Request to Change Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes form, please contact:

Angela Bryan, Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Important Note: Changes to the program of study, required or elective courses, course hours, admission requirements, graduation requirements, and any other change that would impact the catalog may not be made through the expedited process.  These types of changes must be made through the normal CCR process and all catalog deadlines apply.