Accessibility for Online Courses

Accessibility describes the degree to which a person can access products, services, devices or environments. Accessibility is not only morally and ethically right, but it is also a Federal, State and University mandate. For our purposes, accessibility will focus on the ease by which all students, regardless of ability, can access course materials and the steps that can be taken to make this happen.

Use the resources, links, and tips on this page to help determine if your online course materials are accessible to all students. 

The links below lead to Confluence pages with more detailed information for specific accessibility issues.

If you have questions about adherence to the guidelines or best practices, please do not hesitate to contact Global Online instructional designers for further assistance or guidance. 

Please note that meeting QM's accessibility Standards does not guarantee or imply that specific country/federal/state/local accessibility regulations are met. Please consult with an accessibility specialist to ensure that accessibility regulations are met. Source: Quality Matters Standards Rubric