Teaching Online Resources

Here you will find many of the best practices compiled by the Center for GOLD to help you identify and implement new ideas about teaching online. The resources represent a compilation of those activities and techniques to help instructors plan their online and blended courses.

The Canvas Community

The Canvas LMS Community provides a wealth of information and best practices for faculty and instructional designers. Here are a few blog posts that we are reading right now. 

Academic Integrity Resources

Academic integrity is vital to the UWF community. Students must understand what academic integrity is, why it is important to UWF faculty, and, most important, why it is important to them. Here are some resources to help discourage cheating and plagiarism in the online environment.


UWF Open Educational Resources Guide

Quality Matters Online Learning Resource

Source: https://www.qualitymatters.org/qa-resources/resource-center/articles-resources

Faculty eCommons - Brought to you by Academic Partnerships

Faculty eCommons (FeC) contains a wealth of resources specifically dedicated to assisting online faculty and is maintained by the Academic Partnerships Academic Services Team. Our goal is to offer a set of resources that expands your knowledge about online learning as well as gives you the pedagogy and tools to apply to your courses.

While parts of Faculty eCommons are open to the public, the bulk of the content is only accessible to faculty in AP-supported programs.

Email Cindy Mersereau (cmersereau@uwf.edu) for login information.

Go to the Faculty eCommons website.