Organize my course content

Developing and delivering course content is a core part of what you do as an instructor. Following these guidelines will help you deliver a variety of material to your students in ways that allow everyone to focus on the content of your course and not its presentation.

Use Canvas

Canvas is the center of your content creation, development, and delivery plan. Canvas is UWF’s Learning Management System. Every student enrolled in a course is a member of that course's Canvas site. Using Canvas is a simple way for your students and you to stay connected. Course sites are automatically created in Canvas each semester and allow instructors to:

Be sure to activate the course as eLearning in Classmate so students can have access to your materials.

As you create content in Canvas, make sure to follow these accessibility guidelines(Canvas article) or complete our Essentials of Digital Instruction course to ensure your content is easy for all your students to use.

Course organization

The more easily your course site is organized, the more time students can spend focusing on the important content of the course. Using Canvas tools like Modules and Pages can help students more intuitively navigate your course site. You can also start with the GO ACT 2020 Course Template, adapting it to meet the needs of your course. Learn how to import a course template

Canvas Modules

Modules organize course content, activities, and assignments. You can organize content by topic, week, lesson, or anything else using modules.

Modules resources:

Canvas Pages

Canvas Pages allow you to add text, pictures, and multimedia to your course.


Pages resources:

Importing Course Templates from your Canvas CRO Account

Each College has a sub-account within Canvas called a Course Read Only (CRO) account, which contain resources and templates specific to your college. You can pick and choose from the available resources/templates, items that you would like to import into your Canvas courses or development shells. To see what resources are available in your college CRO, begin typing your college acronym (i.e. COB, COH, CSE, CASSH, and CEPS) in the "Search for a Course" field, during the import process.

You can preview these resources by clicking on Accounts in the Canvas Global Navigation Bar and opening the available templates that are shared there. 



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