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Keep Teaching

The University of West Florida encourages faculty to plan instructional activities to ensure continuity of education in situations that may require moving classroom instruction online if in-person class sessions cannot be attended. The goal is to maintain the delivery of instruction as much as possible to minimize the disruption of student progress and enable learning to continue in the absence of face-to-face instruction.

UWF Global Online has compiled a Continuity Plan and the following toolkit of technology recommendations to help instructors prepare for possible disruption to campus operations (for example, a pandemic or extended severe weather). 

Teaching during an unexpected disruption to face-to-face classes requires flexibility, creativity, and preparation. The information on these pages is designed to help instructors think about ways to continue teaching despite student/instructor absences or campus closure. 

We also invite you to join us for one of our Bootcamp sessions for answers to your Canvas, WebEx and Panopto questions.


Prepare for when classes can't meet.

Plan for a transition to online and/or independent student activities in order to be prepared for unexpected emergencies.

Prepare your Plan

Technology Quick Start Guide

Learn more about tools that can help you go online and maintain the integrity of your instruction and assessments. 

Technology Quick Start Guide

Remote Teaching Resources

A curated list of resources to assist you with specific aspects of delivering instruction.

Technology Tools for Teaching

Keep Learning

Provide students a link to these online learning tips to support them during this sudden change in modality.

Student Resources