Create an “Ask Your Librarian” discussion board in your Canvas course

June 17, 2020 | Claudia Stanny

Create an “Ask Your Librarian” discussion board in your Canvas course

UWF librarians answer questions virtually in a variety of ways. For example, students and faculty can send librarians an email, set up an appointment via Google Meet or WebEx, use live chat, or send a text message (described on the UWF Libraries Ask A Librarian page). Students can now send messages directly to their subject-specialist librarian from Canvas courses when instructors add an Ask Your Librarian Discussion Board.

Including an Ask Your Librarian discussion board in your Canvas course shells may help students who are unsure how to obtain library and research help in the online environment. It also connects students to the librarian most familiar with your discipline’s databases and citation styles. Similar to a general “Q&A” Discussion Board that you might keep open for general class questions, an Ask Your Librarian Discussion Board affords all students the ability to see replies to commonly asked questions about citations and researching library databases, as well as questions about library services such as interlibrary loan and access to technology.

If you would like to include an Ask Your Librarian Discussion Board in one or more of your courses, email your subject-specialist librarian and add them to your course so they can subscribe to the discussion thread. Librarians are happy to discuss the requirements of your assignments and identify strategies to provide the best assistance to your students. 

Don’t know who your subject-specialist librarian is? The Library website provides a helpful list, including contact information.



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Thanks to Britt McGowan and the UWF Library for contributions to this tip!

06/23/2020 ajc