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New service to help faculty accommodate students registered with SAR

October 10, 2017 | Claudia Stanny

New service to help faculty accommodate students registered with SAR

Student Accessbility Resources (SAR) has implemented a new web-based service management system for approval and delivery of disability accommodations for registered students enrolled at UWF. The secure site will improve communications between SAR and faculty about the accommodation needs identified for eligible students.

Faculty can view their class roster and determine which of their enrolled students have requested disability accommodations. The site enables faculty to view information on

  • approved accommodations for eligible students,
  • assigned notetakers,
  • course notes uploaded by notetakers,
  • dates the notes became available to students,
  • scheduled exams and room bookings approved by SAR.

Faculty can also upload exams for SAR to administer, send an email to a registered student, access resources from SAR, and view announcements from SAR.

Access the Accommodate service through MyUWF (SDRC Accommodate Faculty Portal).

Visit the SAR web site to download the Faculty Access Tutorial, which explains how to log into Faculty Access, view courses you teach, access student rosters, book exams, and provide other accommodation functions.


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